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Sothys Skin Care US - Canada

Sothys facial products are the signature of excellence in skin care. Manufactured in France and distributed all over the world, Sothys skin care is at the top of professional skin care lines. Sothys Skin Care Products from the European Touch are available in US and Canada and are sold in more than 20,000 spas in almost 100 countries worldwide. Buy Sothys face products from The European Touch in Vancouver and Vermont.

Development of the Sothys brand has been driven by its ability to stay true to itself while bringing new solutions to the changing world of beauty. In each of our innovations, we pursue the idea of responsible beauty that respects the skin and the environment.

A team of 25 expert biochemists, pharmacists and beauty therapists at the Soredec Laboratory, the Sothys Group advanced research centre, are responsible for the roll-out of Sothys products.

With an ability to innovate and incorporate the latest scientific advances, every year Sothys launches an average of 35 new product formulas and 15 new make-up products.

Each Sothys formula combines inspiration from nature and scientific rigour and is based on 4 founding principles: sensoriality, safety, efficiency and naturalness.

Sothys Skin Care Line is an innovative professional skin care company providing their customers with new products and solutions in the ever changing world of beauty. Sothys products include best skin care products for normalizing dry and oily skin, cleansers, mask, professional anti-aging skin care product and more. You can buy Sothys face products from The European Touch in Vancouver and Vermont.

Sothys products are grouped according to skin problem, anti-aging skin care, cosmeceutical skin care , dry-oily skin care product, acne products, sensitive skin care product.The European Touch U.S. is the company that brings you top Sothys antiwrinkle creams like Secrets de Sothys, Sothys Multi-action Eye Cream and Sothys Anti-Age creams.





Best For Anti-Aging / All Skin Types. Sothys Retinol Dermobooster is an intense skin-regenerating serum designed to diminish the damaging effects of the sun and the look of aging skin.


Best For Acne-Prone / All Skin Types. Sothys Glysalac Dermobooster combines Glycolic Acid 10% and Salicylic Acid 1% to promote cell renewal, tames acne-prone skin and gives skin a healthy glow.

 Sothys Skin Care products from The European Touch in Vancouver and Vermont featuring anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams such as the Sothys Multi-Action Eye Contour Cream and antiwrinkle creams like Secrets de Sothys.