Sothys Anti-Aging

The radiance, condition and appearance of your skin does not necessarily reflect your real age. Environmental aggressions, lifestyle and skin care routine, can all influence how the skin ages. Regardless of age, Sothys anti-age program has an appropriate serum + cream for you.

Each of the five new Youth Creams contains Sothys exclusive BP3 Tri-complex™ to protect the skin, along with a pool of specific active ingredients that target the signs of chronological aging. βP3. Tri Complex is the new youth solution by Sothys Advanced research. Created to protect the youth capital at all ages, by offering a double action against aging to:

1. Fight against oxidative stress with Saffron and Sophora flower extracts.

2. Fight biological aging with Peptides that visibly limit the appearance of chronological aging such as; wrinkles and skin sagging.