FREE Online Skincare Consultation

Book a complimentary 30-minute video consultation (a $75 value) via Facetime to receive personalized skin care tips and Recommendations from Nadia Danay! You don't want to miss this!

What Your Virtual Consultation Includes

  • In-Depth Skin Analysis

    Nadia will use her trained eye as a licensed esthetician to analyze your skin type, skin condition and concerns.

  • Lifestyle Assessment

    Nadia will touch on lifestyle choices like diet, exercise and water intake, and how they contribute to your skinís overall health.

  • Current Product Deep-Dive

    Nadia will walk through your current routine to let you know what is and isnít working for your skin and why.

  • Step-By-Step Protocol Instructions

    Nadia will recommend the proper selection of products to suit your lifestyle and unique skin needs.

  • Surprise Beauty Treat

    Receive an exclusive gift from Nadia with your next order!

Book your virtual consultation

How to prepare for your virtual consultation

Step 1

Cleanse skin

Step 2

Have access to your current skin care products.

Step 3

Be in a space to share freely.

Step 4

Position yourself in a well-lit room.

About Nadia Danay

Nadia Danay is a trusted skin care expert with over three decades of hands-on experience as a professional esthetician, salon owner, instructor and trainer.

As the owner of The European Touch skin care salon in Toronto, Canada for 15 years, Nadia understands how to work one on one with a wide range of people with varying skin care needs.

As an instructor and trainer for professional estheticians, she is adept at sharing her knowledge with others and making them feel comfortable talking about their challenges and providing custom solutions. She has worked with hundreds of new skin care specialists over the years, training new generations of experts.

Nadiaís lifelong passion for knowledge and innovation in the dynamic, ever-changing skincare industry has ensured that her clients have access to cutting edge ingredients and the latest technologies.

Her clients are loyal because they know that they have access to personal care and attention from one of the most qualified and dedicated people in the skincare industry. Take advantage of this free, unparalleled access to one on one care.