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                                          teenage acne                   oily skin                    cracked heels
                                          sun damage                     hair loss                    dry skin  
You can choose from well-known skin care lines such as Sothys, Peter Thomas Roth, Gernetic, Ilike Organic
       Skin Care, Payot, France Laure, Phyto, Natur Vital, Allpresan, Footlogix and many more. 
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We have recently received inquiries about the genuiness of our products and want to assure you that all our products are genuine, not fakes or copies. All our brands come from bona fide distributors and importers.


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Sunscreen Facts posted on May 22,2018

Now summer is truly here, a few notes on sunscreen are just what the dermatologist ordered.

  1. You need to apply sunscreen every day - TRUE
  2. You need sunscreen even if it's cloudy - TRUE. Read more...

Are Cleansers and Lotions Really Necessary? posted on April 15, 2018

“I don’t use make-up, so just a splash with water should be enough”. As any esthetician can tell you, this is a common comment. Yet, it couldn’t be more wrong. Read more....

Do's and Dont's about Blackheads  posted on March 12, 2018

Our skin produces sebum (oil) for protection against the elements. Too much sebum results in oily skin, while too little results dry skin.

When sebum comes in contact with air and pollution it oxidizes and the top becomes dark hence the blackhead. The dark, visible part is like a lid on a pot, while the pore below is full of sebum that cannot come out because the top is now hard. Oily and combination skin will have more blackheads, while dry skin has almost none.

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with pesky blackheads: Read more...

Drugstore vs.Professional Skin Care Products Posted on

Cosmetic products are being created on a daily basis. Some are only sold through aestheticians and doctor’s offices, while others are readily available via television shopping channels, infomercials, online retailers, or department stores and drugstores. Consumers often end up feeling confused about who to trust, where to shop, and whether to spend their hard-earned money at the spa or the drugstore.

Drugstore products are designed to target some of the most general needs of the skin. The products must be suitable for all ages and different skin types and concerns. The formulating concept behind a typical drugstore skin care product is “one size fits all.” Read more....







Sothys, Peter Thomas Roth, Gernetic, Ilike Organic Skin Care, It's Skin Korean Skin Care,Payot, France Laure, Italian Bath & Body, Nesti Dante Sops, Prima Spremittura Body & Bath, Phyto, Natur Vital, Allpresan, Footlogix, Blinc,and many more. We have two locations, one in B.C. Canada and one in Vermont U.S.for our online skin care store.