France Laure

France Laure Skin Care is a classic, complete line of skin care products. Based on very active ingredients from botanical, marine and hi-tech sources, France Laure products offer skin care products for every skin. France Laure chemists are constantly renewing formulations and creating skin care products in line with the latest ingredients and scientific discoveries.

With France Laure Skin Care products at your fingertips you can be sure of consistently exceptional results and your skin will thank you.

Notes on the France Laure Products:

* All France Laure cleansers are water soluble and must be massaged with fingertips to activate their properties.

* France Laure toners do not contain alcohol.

* France Laure serums are highly concentrated and can be used under the appropriate cream or mask.

* Day creams hydrate and protect, while night creams repair. They complement each other.

* If you are a BC professional aesthetician, spa owner or beauty professional and wish to carry this brand in your practice, please contact Flora Skin Care Supply. 


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All Products are Guaranteed Authentic.


Favourite France Laure Product


                                Enhancing Eye & Lip Cream  hydrates, smooths and prevents fine line and wrinkle formation.