CALM - Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin reacts to almost any product. It reddens easily and feels tight. It shows some permanent red patches or broken capillaries.

Sensitive skin must be treated gently, with an aim to increase its self protection ability and reduce its reactivity.

The CALM collection is perfume free, formulated with calming and healing extracts to desensitize and reduce inflammation.

Active Ingredients in the line:

- Calendula extract calms, softens, heals, is antiseptic.

- German chamomile extract is anti-inflammatory, calms itching, heals and decongests.

- Witch hazel extract relieves inflammation, encourages microcirculation relieving coouperose and firms skin. Asringent and anti-bacterial makes it useful for oily skin

- Honey extract is healing, nourishing antioxidant, detoxifying and moisturizing.

- Horse chestnut extract is anti inflammatory,decongestant and improves blood circulation.