Special Treatment Skin Care

Treat hyper pigmentation, psoriasis and eczema with advice and products from The European Touch.

Hyper-pigmentation, psoriasis and eczema are skin conditions which require special treatment.

1. Hyper-pigmentation appears in different forms:

  • - sun damage (also called sun spots, age spots or liver spots)
  • - pregnancy mask
  • - vitiligo

* Sun damage is due to the skin immune response to UVA & UVB exposure. Dark spots are an accumulation of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. In order to protect itself from sun damage the skin produces extra melanin and normally we get a nice tan. The immune response being out of balance results in sun spots. Relatively superficial, dedicated lightening topical treatment will lighten them quite well. Apply the treatment serum and cream twice a day for a few months before achieving noticeable results. In order to ensure success and continued clear skin we MUST use sunscreen every day.

Lightening serums and creams based on natural plant extracts reduce the production of melanin, therefore minimizing the appearance of the sun spots. In addition, lightening ingredients work on reducing the darkness of existing spots. Glycolic peels are very helpful speeding up lightening of existing sun spots. Peels are used in conjunction with the home care treatment.

Sun damage is also treated in the dermatology office with laser or freezing. Usually there is no need of more than one treatment, but it takes a while to heal and disappear completely.

* Pregnancy mask (wolf mask) is caused by hormonal imbalance during pregnancy when the skin becomes photo-sensitive. (i.e.extra sensitive to the sun)

Pregnancy mask is slow to disappear after giving birth, but responds well to lightening treatment over time. Again, the use of sunscreen is absolutely essential if a recurrence is to be avoided.

* Vitiligo is a condition which is totally outside the remit of aestheticians.

2. Psoriasis is a skin condition of unknown cause. It is known however, that stress will aggravate it. It appears as white flakes in the eyebrows, at the hairline, on knees and elbows. Dermatology treats it with cortisone creams, with temporary success. The problem is that the skin gets used to the medication and to keep it effective the dosage has to be increased. Cortisone creams used over a long period thin the skin, which then becomes quite sensitive and may not even respond any more to the medication.

We suggest using GERnetic Synchro cream which has proven over time to be very effective without any negative side effects.

3. Eczema is also well served by the use of GERnetic  Synchro cream, within days the effects are obvious.