Combination Skin Products


You have an oily T-zone and the rest of the face is normal to dry.

Your skin needs products that walk the fine line between oily and normal/dry.

The products we show below are specially designed for your skin type and will work very well to bring your skin to a happy, balanced state.

At this time of the year it would be very beneficial to use a 4 week Glycolic Acid Cure which effects a deep but gentle  sloughing of the dead cells accumulated in summertime.

Once the Glycolic products are finished you can use the cleanser/toner + cream from the products below.

Combination skin may suffer from a little break-out occasionally. There are a couple of products that help reduce the appearance of these annoying spots. Applied on the offending spot they work their magic overnight. Just wash off in the morning and apply your day cream as usual.

In order to avoid confusion we will feature one brand at a time and the brand changes every few months.

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GLYCO CLEANSING MILK 200ml by Gernetic
USD $36.00
Universal Cleansing Milk

FIBRO LOTION 200ml by Gernetic
USD $36.00
Toner - All Skin Types

SYNCHRO2000 by Gernetic
USD $96.00
Lighter version of SYNCHRO, great for combination and oily skin.

SYMBIOSE 40ml by Gernetic
USD $80.00
3-in-one cream (day, night, sunscreen) for combination skin.

MIXED & OILY SKIN CREAM 50ml by Gernetic
USD $70.00
Oily, Combination & Acneic Day Cream

OCTO 30ml by Gernetic
USD $66.00

Blackhead Reduction Cream

ARGINI MASK 50ML by Gernetic
USD $70.00
Softening, Soothing for All Skin Types

Herbal Clay Spot Treatment 0.4oz by Ilike Skin Care
USD $48.00
Spot Treatment

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