Foot Products

Foot products including foot deodorants, foot anti-perspiration, dry skin on your feet and foot anti-fungal, foot comfort such as foot creams,foot balms, foot baths, special foot warming and foot cooling items.

Allpresan PRO Cracked Skin Cream 100ml
USD $28.00
Notably more moisture for the feet

Allpresan Foam Dry Rough Skin Mousse 125ml
USD $21.50 USD $19.35
Protects feet from dryness - for very dry feet.

Allpresan PRO for Cracked Skin
USD $12.00
Care and protection for very dry, chapped and cracked heels.

Allpresan Sweaty Feet Mousse 125ml
USD $21.50
Perceptively reduces foot perspiration.

Allpresan PRO Footcare Foam (anti-fungal) 125ml
USD $28.00
Care of very dry skin that is prone to fungal infection.

Allpresan Anti-Fungal Nail Tincture #7 50ml
USD $26.00
Care and protection for nails prone to fungus

Allpresan PRO Foot Deodorant Spray  100ml
USD $20.00
Refreshing foot deodorant

Allpresan  PRO Shoe Deodorant 100ML
USD $20.00
Eliminates unpleasant footwear odours

Footlogix #2 Dry Skin Formula 125ml
USD $18.00
Dry feet mousse.

Footlogix #3 Very Dry Skin 125ml
USD $18.00
Mousse for very dry feet

Footlogix #3 Xtra Cracked Heel Formula 125ml
USD $19.00

Mousse for Cracked Heels 

Footlogix #4 Cold Feet Formula  125ml
USD $20.00
Cold feet mousse.

Footlogix #5 Sweaty Feet Formula 125ml
USD $20.00
Mousse for sweaty feet.

Footlogix #7 Anti-Fungal Formula 125ml
USD $21.00
Anti-fungal mousse for dry feet

Footlogix #7 Anti-Fungal Formula 125ml
USD $21.00
Anti-fungal mousse for rough skin.

Footlogix #7 Tincture 50ml
USD $19.50
Anti-fungal nail tincture spray.

Footlogix #8 Tired Legs  125ml
USD $21.00
Mousse for tired legs

Footlogix #9 Foot Deodorant  75ml
USD $18.00
Foot spray that kills odor-causing bacteria.

Footlogix #10 Shoe Deodorant  75ml
USD $18.00

Shoe Deodorant 

Foot products including cracked heel treatment, foot deodorants, anti-perspiration products, dry skin and anti-fungal products, foot comfort products such as creams, balms, special warming and cooling items.

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