Foot Products

Foot products including foot deodorants, foot anti-perspiration, dry skin on your feet and foot anti-fungal, foot comfort such as foot creams,foot balms, foot baths, special foot warming and foot cooling items.

Allpresan PRO Cracked Skin Cream 100ml
Notably more moisture for the feet

Allpresan Foam Dry Rough Skin Mousse 125ml
$21.50 $19.35
Protects feet from dryness - for very dry feet.

Allpresan PRO for Cracked Skin
Care and protection for very dry, chapped and cracked heels.

Allpresan Sweaty Feet Mousse 125ml
Perceptively reduces foot perspiration.

Allpresan PRO Footcare Foam (anti-fungal) 125ml
Care of very dry skin that is prone to fungal infection.

Allpresan Anti-Fungal Nail Tincture #7 50ml
Care and protection for nails prone to fungus

Allpresan PRO Foot Deodorant Spray  100ml
Refreshing foot deodorant

Allpresan  PRO Shoe Deodorant 100ML
Eliminates unpleasant footwear odours

Footlogix #2 Dry Skin Formula 125ml
Dry feet mousse.

Footlogix #3 Very Dry Skin 125ml
Mousse for very dry feet

Footlogix #3 Xtra Cracked Heel Formula 125ml

Mousse for Cracked Heels 

Footlogix #4 Cold Feet Formula  125ml
Cold feet mousse.

Footlogix #5 Sweaty Feet Formula 125ml
Mousse for sweaty feet.

Footlogix #7 Anti-Fungal Formula 125ml
Anti-fungal mousse for dry feet

Footlogix #7 Anti-Fungal Formula 125ml
Anti-fungal mousse for rough skin.

Footlogix #7 Tincture 50ml
Anti-fungal nail tincture spray.

Footlogix #8 Tired Legs  125ml
Mousse for tired legs

Footlogix #9 Foot Deodorant  75ml
Foot spray that kills odor-causing bacteria.

Footlogix #10 Shoe Deodorant  75ml

Shoe Deodorant 

Foot products including cracked heel treatment, foot deodorants, anti-perspiration products, dry skin and anti-fungal products, foot comfort products such as creams, balms, special warming and cooling items.

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