Sensitive Skin Care Products

Advice for sensitive skincare including causes of sensitivity and product choices. Treat your sensitive skin with the gentle care it deserves.

The term Sensitive Skin covers a wide range of symptoms. It helps to put them into separate groups because the causes are very different, therefore the treatment varies.

Product sensitivity - due in most cases to a negative reaction to perfume. Good, professional skincare does not contain perfume for that very reason. Instead, most brands use natural ingredients such as essential oils which are both beneficial and impart a pleasant smell to the product.

In the case of product reaction, the easiest solution is to discontinue use, wait a week for the reaction to settle down and then try once more. Just in case the reaction was due to some other irritant independent of the product. If the response is the same, change the product. In extreme cases, the reaction is brought about by a particular ingredient other than perfume. In this case, a visit to an allergist and a thorough allergy test are recommended.

Collagen - is present in our skin and is responsible for the firmness and youthful appearance of the skin. As we age, collagen production slows down and aging signs appear. There are anti-aging creams containing collagen. The problem is that collagen normally has a very large molecule which has a hard time penetrating the skin. Trying hard to penetrate through the tightly woven skin cells, the collagen irritates the skin and the symptom looks like an allergic reaction. Check the ingredients list and if there is collagen in it, just discontinue use.

Diffuse redness on the cheeks indicates long term sensitivity. Best treated with gentle, soothing cleansing products and specially formulated treatment creams that will gradually build up the skin immune system to better protect itself. An example of this treatment cream is the Sothys Immuniscience Fluid.

Broken capillaries that look like a spider web do not necessarily indicate a fondness for alcohol. The cause is a lack of elasticity in the tiny blood vessels under the skin, which causes them to break under too much pressure from the circulating blood. In this case, the answer is building up the capillaries' strength and elasticity.

Rosacea is a distressing skin problem for many people. It goes from very mild to extreme disfiguring symptoms. Aestheticians can address mild to moderate rosacea with great results. Anything above moderate needs the attention of a medical doctor.

The causes of Rosacea are not established, but it is known that liquor, spicy foods and extreme temperatures can trigger it.

Gentle, soothing skincare is indicated and treatment creams like Synchro and Cytobi by GERnetic are very effective in dealing with Rosacea.

Skin care regime for sensitive skin in general includes:

 - Gentle, soothing cleanser toner

 - Soothing moisturizer

 - Calming serum

 - Nourishing night cream

 - Soothing mask

 - Gentle eye cream

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