Mature Skin Products

Advice and products for mature skin at The European Touch.


Mature skin needs a boost to improve its collagen and elastin content.

To this end it is important that our diet contains omega-3, vitamins, minerals and water. However, this is not enough for the skin needs, so we adjust our skin care regime to include:

- consistent gentle exfoliation

- rich moisturizing

- profound nourishment

Suggested Products for Mature Skin by Brand

Exfoliants : GERNETIC Ger-Peel; SOTHYS Biological Face Peeling; FRANCE LAURE Enzymatic Fruit Exfoliant

Rich Moisturizing : GERNETIC Synchro, Cytobi; SOTHYS Youth Creams; FRANCE LAURE Jouvence Harmonizing Cream

Profound Nourishment : GERNETIC Concentrated Repairer, Synchro, Cytobi; SOTHYS Youth Serums & Creams; FRANCE LAURE Jouvence Intense Serum, Jouvence Regenerating Cream

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