Redensifying Youth Cream by Sothys

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Restores a radiant complexion that is full of vitality while reducing the visible signs of aging such as loss and changes in volume, loss of vitality, deep wrinkles, roughness.

Revitalized, the skin appears redensified.

  • Fights against deep wrinkles
  • Redensifies the skin
  • Fights visible signs of skin aging
  • Increases skin vitality


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  • Kombucha extract (fermented black tea, the “elixir of long life”) to visibly reduce wrinkles and plump for a “surgery-free lipofilling effect”
  • Uronic acid and Bambara pea extract, an innovation inspired by scientific studies on age related nerve deterioration.
  • Alisma peptides inspired by research into probiotics to improve skin barrier and health.

Apply page59image57486096and page59image57479648to the face and neck after the application of the suitable Sothys Intensive and / or Youth serums.


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