Teenage Acne Skin Care

Professional advice on treating teenage acne. Here are acne cleanser, toner, acne wash, acne moisturizer and serum and mask for acne. Products for teenage acne treatment change every other month by brand.

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Teenage acne is caused by an imbalance in the skin due to increased hormonal activity. This leads to an increased sebum (oil) production. If excess oil is allowed to spread it will first turn into blackheads. Blackheads and too much oil will also attract bacteria that create a small infection (pus)and pimples are born.

Here you find products that will help control excessive oiliness and acne breakouts.

The solution is based on only 3 simple steps : Cleanse, Moisturize, Balance.

1. Cleansing needs to remove the excess oil, but not all the oil from the skin. Oil is necessary to protect the skin from external aggression, be it pollution or climate based. Good cleansing products never contain alcohol, which strips all sebum from the skin and leaves it unprotected. When this happens, the skin will produce more oil to protect itself, creating a vicious circle. Cleansing twice daily with the correct professional product is enough.

2. Moisturizing is just as important. The skin contains both oil and water and using harsh cleansing products will dehydrate (remove moisture) making skin very flaky. In an effort to replace the lost moisture, the skin will overproduce oil (it cannot produce water) and this will make the skin oilier again. Moisturizers replace lost water and the correct moisturizers for oily skin will not clog pores, or make the skin break out.

3. Balancing oily skin involves the use of a mask 3 -4 times a week, after cleansing well, followed by a moisturizer for oily skin. The mask will absorb excess oils, help mattify the skin, reduce pimples and even the complexion. In order to eliminate confusion, you will be introduced to acne fighting products from one brand at a time. The brands change every other month. Don't miss out on this or any new Acne Treatment by signing up for the Teenage Acne News right here:

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