CALM Nourishing Silky Serum 30ml by France Laure

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Quick Overview:

- For permanent sensitivity, CALM Nourishing Silky Serum is ideal for dry skin having a damaged cutaneous barrier.
- It calms irritations caused by UV rays, pollution, stress or unbalanced hormones.
- It appeases sensitive and reactive skin that reddens rapidly on contact with cold or heat, that is rough to the touch,
very fragile, and that easily shows signs of severe dryness and sensitivity to touch.
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Active Ingredients 

Extracts of arnica and ginseng - anti- inflammatory anti-bacterial, decongestant and healing 

Oils of avocado, soy, apricot pit, carrot - softening, protective, regenerating, healing, calming

Shea butter - moisturizes, softens, heals, prevents water loss, anti-inflammatory

Essential oils of lavender, rosemary and sage - antiseptic, healing, regenerating calming, anti-inflammatory

Use this serum for dry sensitive skin with permanent redness.

Apply morning and night followed by the appropriate cream from the CALM collection.


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