Organic & Natural


Organic products support skin & hair health by infusing skin cells and hair follicles with plant and herb-based extracts, minerals, and oils. Researchers have identified specific natural ingredients that help you take better care of your hair. These include biotin, Argan oil, coconut oil, Vitamins C and E, caffeine, keratin, jojoba, and DHT-blockers.

One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea of natural versus organic and that they are interchangeable labels. A product can be natural and organic, but not all natural products are organic, or even 100 percent natural. It’s important for all of your skincare to be natural for your overall health, but the benefit of using natural and organic skincare provides your skin with the purest form of the ingredient on the market.

Ilike Organic Skin Care  was awarded the coveted BDIH seal, certifying its products as organic and naural.

Every ilike product is full of vitamins, fruit acids and bioflavonoids, and combined with other active ingredients they treat, nourish and beautify the skin, rejuvenating it from the inside out.

You will instantly notice the difference between ilike organics and other skin care lines. Because we strive to maintain the natural state of the herbal ingredients, you will see, smell and feel the difference.

Due to the uniquely rich Hungarian soil and the climate perfectly suited for agriculture, our herbs, vegetables and fruits are very rich in nutrients and aromas. They are organically grown, hand harvested, hand selected and made in very small batches. The ilike organics products are suitable for vegetarian lifestyles, with most of them being vegan.

Our skin care line does not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) or animal by-products, and is never tested on animals. All of our products are nut- and gluten-free and suit vegetarian/vegan lifestyles. We do not use genetically modified ingredients, and our products are never tested on animals.



PHYTO HAIRCARE Laboratories, with its hi-tech innovative scientific lab complete with doctors, pharmacologists, botanists and biochemists, is able to identify the most active plant extracts in order to reveal the beauty of hair.

Their work, validated by rigorous scientific experiments, has opened the way towards innovation, and has allowed PHYTO to become a renowned pioneer in hair care.

PHYTO develops its formulas with expertly selected plants. Because one plant can boost the properties of another, PHYTO biochemists are constantly looking to create the highest performing combination of botanical ingredients.

PHYTO products are 95% natural overall and up to 100% natural, while avoiding the use of chemical substances like parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic alcohols. As an example, PHYTO replaces synthetic alcohol in all its hairsprays by beetroot alcohol – less drying for the hair.





Since January 2017, a new organic label has been created in Europe to regulate organic cosmetics: the “ECOCERT – COSMOS® Organic” label.

The COSMOS® ORGANIC certification requires that 95% of the product’s agro-ingredients be certified organic.

The finished product must contain at least 20% of organic ingredients that have been physically and/or chemically transformed, irrespective of water and minerals.

The remaining 80% of the finished product may be of natural origin and is not used in the calculation of the percentage of organic ingredients. For rinsing products with a higher water content, the finished product must contain at least 10% organic ingredients.

Sothys Organics received the COSMOS ORGANIC certification.

Sothys Organics contain no parabens, formaldehyde, aluminum salts or non-certified palmoil.

Sothys Organics is not tested on animals and can be used by vegans.