Sothys Organics


     The composition of Cosmos Organic certified products.

  1. A minimum of 95% of plants present are  organic

  2. A minimum of 20% organic ingredients (10% minimum for products that are rinsed)

          No GMOs, no nanomaterials, no silicone, no synthetic fragrance or dyes.

         The packaging must be environmental, recyclable and reduced to a minimum.



BIRCH SAP The harvest of birch sap, eco-friendly is carried out manually by a professional. Enriched with sugar and minerals this sap moisturized and revitalized the skin.

OLEO-EXTRACT OF HONEYSUCKLE Obtained by maceration, Oleo-extract of honeysuckle is renowned for its regenerative and softening properties.

HAWTHORN FLORAL WATER This water collected after distillation is concentrated in active molecules and renowned for its soothing and toning properties.

ALFALFA  is renowned for its retinol-like activity* by stimulating collagen synthesis. INCREASES COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS BY + 201%