Almond Grain Exfoliant 65g by France Laure

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The Almond Grain Exfoliant helps with cell renewal process.

Can be used for all skin types, including for aging skin care, oily skin care and dry skin care.

Skin exfoliation allows you to rediscover a luminous and translucent complexion.

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Active Ingredients 

Extracts of almond, chestnut, witch hazel - excellent for dry skin, softening and soothing, astringent, disinfectant

Groud almonds

Corn meal

1- 2 times per week, apply on damp skin with circular motions one face, neck and décolleté. Emulsify with water and continue circular motions. Remove with warm water. Follow with the appropriate toner and the Intense or Silky Serum.

Fo a more fluid texture add some cleansing milk to the exfoliant.


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