Sothys Clear & Comfort - Rosacea, Fragile Capillaries

Skin redness occurs when the skin becomes inflamed, irritated or sore due to health issues or reactions to outside elements. Rosacea is a common condition causing redness, bumps and/or swelling, especially on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Whether permanent or occasional, fragile capillaries require a comprehensive regulating, soothing and protecting response.

Sothys has created the Clearness & Comfort line to help treating redness and rosacea skin.

Created to strengthen the circulatory system of fragile skin, reduce redness and increase protection against aggressions. Targeting skins with permanent redness and/or visible capillaries the advanced formulas feature breakthrough polyphenol technology. Known for their ability to protect and soothe with powerful antioxidant benefits. Sothys selected polyphenols of hazel leaf and mint to alleviate symptoms associated with rosacea.