Day Cream / Moisturizers by GERnetic

Regardless of skin type, everyone needs to moisturize. Water is the major ingredient in our bodies and skin dehydration can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Pick your cream according to your skin type.

Dry skins need TropoPlus or GerOxy. On very cold days you can use Synchro in daytime.

Oily skins need Tropo,or Nuclea, or Octo followed by Synchro2000, or Mixed & Oily Skin Cream.

Acneic skins should use a mix of Immuno & Synchro (or Synchro2000)

Blotchy, sensitive skins should use Vasco followed by Synchro or Synchro2000

All GERnetic creams are mix and match with each other.

For best results we suggest a weekly exfoliation with GerPeel or Flower Acids followed by a mask such as Argini, Hydrager or Marine Mask.

AFTER SHAVE BALSAM 50ml by Gernetic
USD $59.00
Moisture Cream.

Creme GG by Gernetic
USD $90.00 USD $81.00

Perfecting & Illuminating

AFTER SHAVE BALSAM 50ml by Gernetic
USD $50.00
After Shave Soothing Balm

GER-OXY 50ml by Gernetic
USD $84.00
Moisture for Dull, Oily, Dehydrated Skin

MARINE DAY BASE 30ml by Gernetic
USD $57.00
Light Day Cream for Mature Skin

MIXED & OILY SKIN CREAM 50ml by Gernetic
USD $70.00
Oily, Combination & Acneic Day Cream

TROPO 50ml by Gernetic
USD $65.00
Day protecting,moisturizing cream for oily skin.

TROPO PLUS 50ml by Gernetic
USD $69.00
Day protection, moisturizer for dry skin

MYO-MYOSO by Gernetic
USD $95.00
Intensive Smoothing Cream

YOUTH CREAM 50ml by Gernetic
USD $300.00
Luxury Anti-Aging Day Cream.

SYMBIOSE 40ml by Gernetic
USD $80.00
3-in-one cream (day, night, sunscreen) for combination skin.

IMMUNO CREAM/MASK 50ml by Gernetic
USD $72.50
Regenerating Cream Mask

NUCLEA 30ml by Gernetic
USD $95.00
Restoring, Anti-Aging Cream.

OCTO 30ml by Gernetic
USD $66.00

Blackhead Reduction Cream

SYNCHRO 50ml by Gernetic
USD $110.00
Star of the Product Line, splendid anti-aging, renewal cream

SYNCHRO2000 by Gernetic
USD $96.00
Lighter version of SYNCHRO, great for combination and oily skin.

VASCO 50ml by Gernetic
USD $90.00
Cream for blotchy skin or broken capillaries.

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