HYDRAGER MASK 50ml by Gernetic

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Soft mask, designed to nourish, hydrate and maintain epidermis hydration.

Strengthens the skin barrier to limit water loss, reducing dehydration.

Hydrager Mask regulates he water content at cellular level and maintains an optimal level of hydration.

Hydrager is suitable for dry/sensitive skin.

May be used as a cure for 5 consecutive days with a pause of 2 days between two cures.


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Aleuritic acid - strengthens skin barrier to limit water loss

Phosphorylated lipid - Stimulates production of NMF

Homarin - Regulates water content of skin cells

Kaolin - mineral rich base

  1. Apply on clean skin
  2. Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse
  3. Follow with the suitable night cream
  • aging, dehydrated skin treatment - use 3 times/week
  • dehydrated dry skin treatment - use 3-4 times/week
  • dehydrated sensitive skin treatment - use 2 times/week
  • dehydrated oily skin treatment - use 3 times/week



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