REGENERATE Perfecting Toner by France Laure

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Quick Overview:

REGENERATE Perfecting Toner is an anti-aging and antiwrinkle lotion for mature skin, that leaves a soft and velvety feeling while regenerating your skin.

Not only hydrating, it also helps maintain skin suppleness and youth for anti-wrinkle skin care.


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Active Ingredients 

Marine Elastin & Marine Collagen - combat the signs of aging by preserving moisturization, provides tissue elasticity, improves suppleness, minimizes wrinkles, reinforces supporting tissue with anti wrinkle effect

Ceramide 2 - maintains skin moisture and integrity

Co-Enzyme Q10 & Carnitine - allow skin to produce the energy necessary to keep and improve skin elasticity

Honey extract - nourishing, healing, moisturizing, antioxidant, detoxifying  

Hyaluronic acid - moisturizing

Use morning and night for refreshing the skin and cleaning last traces of milk cleanser.


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