Tenseur Flash by Gernetic

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Quick Overview:

Anti-ageing concentrate with immediate mechanical tensor effect and immunity focus targeting established wrinkles.

This vial stimulates Langerhans cells which regulate the immune system in the epidermis. They help reduce bacteria and inflammation.

With regenerating and restructuring properties, it improves the skin's barrier.

7 vials in the box for a week long treatment. Use daily, half in the morning and half at night under the creams.



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Honey locus seeds are rich in polysaccharides and help plump and tighten the skin and improving collagen.

Biomimetic peptide of the youth hormone acting on immunity.

Kigelia fruit known for its excellent toning and firming effect on the skin helps fight effects of free radicals and premature ageing.

Use the Tenseur Flash as a 7n days treatment.

Apply in the morning on face, neck and chest followed by the day cream.

In case of excess close the vial and use the remaining lotion in the evening.


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