Beauty Essentials by Phyto

Beauty creams, express radiance, serums, oils, deep-nourishing masks, sculpting and shaping products, all take you into a sensorial universe where the hair can indulge in delicious, velvety textures and high-performance formulas for instant results, right from the very first use.  

Phytokeratine Repair Mask by Phyto
USD $35.00 USD $31.50

Ultra-Repair Mask 

Phyto 7 by Phyto 50ml
USD $35.00 USD $31.50

Hydrating Hair Day Cream

Phyto 9 by Phyto 50ml
USD $35.00 USD $31.50

Ultra-Nourishing Cream 

Secret de Nuit by Phyto 75ml
USD $32.00 USD $28.80

Regenerating Night Treatment

Phytokeratine Serum by Phyto 30ml
USD $33.50 USD $30.15

Split Ends Repair 

Phytovolume Actif Spray by Phyto 200ml
USD $25.00 USD $22.50

Intense Volume Spray 

Phytomist Spray by Phyto 150ml
USD $26.00 USD $23.40

Spray for Colour Treated Hair 

Phytodefrisant Gel by Phyto 100ml
USD $26.50 USD $23.85

Gel for Frizzy Hair 

Phytolaque Soie Spray by Phyto100ml
USD $22.00 USD $19.80

Hair Spray with Silk Proteins 

Phytojoba Mask by Phyto 200ml
USD $35.00 USD $31.50

Intense Hydrating Mask 

Huile dAles Treatment by Phyto 5amp.
USD $25.00 USD $22.50

OIl Treatment for Dry Hair

Phytokeratine Shampoo by Phyto 200ml
USD $24.00 USD $21.60

Thermal Repair Spray 

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