NOURISH Harmonizing Cream 50g by France Laure

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Quick Overview:

Nourishes, regulates moisture levels, stimulates cellular renewal and adds suppleness and softness to the skin.

Soothes and protects sensitive, dry skin from environmental aggression.

Excellent outdoor cream for winter.


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Active Ingredients

Extract of carrot - antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, stimulates cell renewal, revitalizes, nourishes, heals

Oil of meadowfoam - non greasy, penetrates easily, forms a barrier to retain moisture and prevent water loss

Extract of Canadian willow - reduces redness, is anti-irritating, anti-bacterial and traps free radicals

Glycosaminoglycans - larch tree extract provides exfoliating benefits without irritation

Oil of carrot - antioxidant stimulates cell renewal, revitalizes and softens the skin

Aloe vera - moisturizes, calms, soothes.

Apply daily in the morning on face, neck and décolleté.

Excellent outdoor cream.


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