Myo-Lift Serum by France Laure

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Quick Overview:

Myo Lift Cream and Serum work to fight wrinkles the same way as Botox, by blocking the mechanical factors responsible for expression lines. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles with no surgical procedures.

In a test, 90% of the subjects noticed visible results within 30 minutes.

Skin is smooth, wrinkle depth is reduced, complexion is brighter.


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Active Ingredients

Myoxinol TM - rich in anti-oxidants, inhibits cell muscle contraction and prevents the appearance of expression lines. Reduces the depth and length of existing wrinkles.

Larch Tree extract - non- irritating exfoliant 

Glycosaminoglycans - retain and maintain water in the tissue, have a firming effect

Oat amino-acids - protect skin barrier

Hamamelis water - calming, soothing

Use daily, in conjunction with Myo-Lift Cream.

Shake well before applying a few drops on face, neck and décolleté.

Massage in and follow with the Myo-Lift cream.


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