Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules by Sothys

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The Essential Ampoules comes in a series of three variants to cater to different skin types and concerns. The easy-to-use re-sealable plastic ampoules are meant to be utilized with existing skincare regime for a greater outcome. Results are almost instantly seen and felt with the concentrated active ingredients that easily reach the lower levels of the skin to bring about outstanding results.
Essential Ampoules gives the best results when used at a regular and consistent period of time. It is just like having a monthly facial. The more consistent usage, the more distinctive healthy skin will stand against time.

  • The Oxygenating Essential Ampoule. For Rosy glow and calm freshness. It is targeted to boost skin metabolism and energize dull, stressed skin. A perfect formula to help speed and improve post-acne phase conditions. It gives a peaceful de-stressing treatment to the skin, giving it a fresh glow and rosy complexion.
  • The Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoule limits the appearance of aging. Protects skin from the free-radicals that breaks down the collagen and elastin causing wrinkles and sagginess.
  • The Brightening Essential Ampoule for luminous glow and prevents dark spots. Exfoliation is indispensable when it comes to a skin brightening regime, skin is provided a natural exfoliation to help skin maintain a luminous and even complexion.

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  • HYALURONIC ACID: Fill wrinkles, plump the skin
  • ARGAN TREE POLYPHE­NOLS: To fight against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.
  • EL­LAGIC ACID: Moisturizing-smoothing surface effect.


For 7 days morning and night. A course of treatment with 7 ampoules. Use as often as necessary. After cleansing the skin, apply half of the ampoule in the morning and a half in the evening to the face and neck, lightly drum the skin to ensure it is fully absorbed, then continue with the usual serum + cream ritual.


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