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Synchro Regulating Face Care (Synchronizes)
Synchro is the essential and timeless cream of GERnétic International, which protects against the effects of time. It regenerates skin cells and maintains the skin healthy.

Fights against inflammation and repairs the skin. Its extremely rich texture, thick and creamy is perfect to nourish in-depth; it envelops the skin in a cocoon of softness.

Synchro rebalances the skin and can be used on all skin types, from oily to very dry and sensitive. It also can assist to improve burn marks, eczema and psoriasis.
Synchro synchronizes GERnétic International creams to reveal the beauty of the skin.

Duo Synchro 50 ml / Vasco 30 ml
Vasco Cream for sensitive skins, chronic redness, couperose.
Allows better skin micro-circulation while helping absorb the active ingredients of Synchro.

Duo Synchro 50 ml / Nuclea 30 ml
Nuclea Repairing Cream (Aging and damaged skin)
Its active ingredients work on the restructuring of skin tissue while supplying tone and firmness to mature skins. Synchronize Synchro + Nuclea for optimal results.

Duo Synchro 50 ml / Cytobi 30 ml
Cytobi Regenerating cream (Dehydrated skin)
It acts on premature aging, mature tissue dehydration and intense skin irritation, scars, stretch marks, burns and various skin imperfections. After applying Synchro, apply a small amount to face neck and décolleté.

Duo Synchro 50 ml / Immuno 30 ml
Immuno Restructuring face mask (Acne blemishes)
Purifying, astringent and revitalizing actions on skins with imperfections. When Synchro is mixed together with immuno it turns into a cream with powerful acne fighting action.

Duo Synchro 50 ml / Myo Myoso 30ml
Myo Myoso Intensive smoothing cream (lifting anti-wrinkle) Skin tensor effect and erasing of medium and deep wrinkles. Very
light cream rapidly absorbed by the skin. Apply Myo Myoso in small quantities followed by Synchro for a dose of intensive face care.


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