Balancing Mask by Astrali Skin Care

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An original composition that makes this mask a multi-functional product that can meet the very varied needs of the skin, particularly fragile and sensitive skin, at different times and stages of life.

Based on calming plant extracts and Kaolin, one of the softest clays found in nature, this mask will soothe the most reactive skin. Our "witch hazel", together with our German chamomile, will purify, repair and refine the texture of skin prone to imperfections. The significant contribution in trace elements, vitamins and the anti-oxidant activity of its varied active ingredients, make it a protective mask against free radicals, responsible for skin aging.

Skin type : Suitable for and balances all skin types.

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KAOLIN: absorbs, soothes the skin

SWEET ALMOND OIL: softening, nourishing and repairing properties

CUCUMBER: softening, purifying and refreshing properties. Brightens and lightens the complexion 

WITCH HAZEL: soothing and antiseptic.

MARSHMALLOW : emollient, softening, soothing and anti-inflammatory

The Balancing Mask of our Astrali line is made of 91% natural ingredients.


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