Comfort Cream by Astrali

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The skin needs to repair and regenerate itself to recover from the agressions suffered during the day such as the sun, the cold, pollution, stress... Our Comfort Cream has been developed to provide the skin with all the essential elements it needs to activate cell renewal. Packed with active ingredients such as avocado oil with regenerating and softening properties, it will help the skin to rehydrate, firm and repair itself.

Skin type : Suitable for skin with a tendency to dryness and lack of moisture.

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AVOCADO OIL: has emollient, anti-oxidant and nourishing properties

SOJA: protects and repairs the skin, anti-oxidant, harmonises the complexion and prevents ageing 

EXTRACT OF YEAST: works on the hydration of the skin

The Comfort Cream of our Astrali line is made up of 94% ingredients of natural origin.


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