Anti-Age Cream by Astrali Skin Care

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Avocado, calendula and St. John's wort, reinforced by the presence of a specific peptide, form a powerful team for a deep and complete anti-ageing action.

These powerful active ingredients slow down the appearance of the signs of natural skin ageing and remedy the first wrinkles that appear. Day after day, the features are gently smoothed, the wrinkles faded and the shape of the face is firmed. Preserve your youth day after day with Astrali.

Skin type : Suitable for all skin types showing signs of ageing and sagging.

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PEPTIDE: stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, acts on firmness

AVOCADO OIL: has emollient, anti-oxidant and nourishing properties

CALENDULA: improves micro-circulation and heals by stimulating collagen synthesis

MILLEPERTUIS : anti inflammatory and healing

The Anti-ageing Cream of our Astrali line is composed of 88% ingredients of natural origin.


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