Benefits of Using Plant & Fruit Pulps vs. Herbal Extracts


1. The process of growing, selecting, converting and storing herbal pulp is much less common because it is more time consuming, requires more attention to caring for the base ingredients and requires a lengthier process prior to the creation of the final herbal product.  But the time and expense are worth it as you will discover.

2.      2. The products of ilike organic skin care contain whole fruit and herb pulps as primary active ingredients rather than herbal extracts.

3.      3. All of the herbal ingredients in ilike organic skin care products are either grown on certified organic farms or in the rural woods and fields of Hungary. They are hand picked and hand selected by associates of the manufacturer.

4.      4. Regardless of the fruit, vegetable or herb, the most diverse and intact collection of nutrients comes through the whole herb!  Focusing on two key components of fruits, vegetables and herbs - the pulp and the skin 

5.      5. ilike organic skin care products often use the skin of the herbs in addition to the pulp in order to deliver the full benefits of the herbal ingredients which leads to much more natural and effective products and superior skin care results.


1.Herbal extracts are chosen over pulps because of long shelf life as a result of the process in which they are created and numerous year round wholesale sources that include the option to purchase over the internet. What it really boils down to is convenience and cost.

2. Herbal extracts are liquid solutions composed of herbal liquids and a solvent. The most common solvents for cosmetic extracts are alcohols and sometimes alcohol-water mix

3. The end product that lists an herbal extract as an ingredient often contains alcohol and usually there is less herbal content compared to products using herbal pulps as primary active ingredients.

4. The shelf life of herbal extracts is generally 1.5-3 years due to preservatives and stabilizers that are added to the liquid obtained via the extraction process during the final step in their production.

5. If a product manufacturer purchases extracts for use in their products, usually they loose the traceability of the geographic source of the herbs.  In some cases even confirmation of the base herbal ingredient itself is not possible.

6. Unfortunately, with an herbal extract we don't get to experience and enjoy the effects of the herb on the skin, because part of the herb is removed during the process, as are the pulps, thus not allowing the full benefit of the herb to be included in the extract.

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Experience the difference between real pulps and extracts...and let your skin decide!