Customer Appreciation Program

This program was created over time and we think it’s best to have it all spelled out in one place to eliminate confusions.

The European Touch Skin & Hair Care introduces a complete customer appreciation program.

1. 15% off first order. After registration (for Gernetic products)  the customer receives a confirmation email and a coupon code redeemable at checkout.
2. 15% discount on purchases over $200 on the month of the customer’s birthday.
3. $35.- Coupon received after first purchase, redeemable on a future purchase over $250.- (valid 3 months)
4. $25.00 Coupon received after subsequent orders over $250.- (valid 3 months)

Repeat customers are highly valued, as well as new ones and the company has received very positive response to this program.

As always, free personalized skin care consultations with a professional aesthetician of over 25 years experience are available without restrictions.

We appreciate your suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any ideas on products or promotions.

Most of all we appreciate your making us your skin and hair care suppliers of choice and look forward to many more years of doing business with you.

Nadia Danay

Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Summer is splendid, but oily skin finds it difficult to handle, what with moisturizers and sunscreen, plus make up. It can be very stressing, trying to tone down the shine.

Over the years I had many clients complain that their oily skin became even oilier once they used a moisturizer. The problem is not the skin, just that the product they use is not designed for their skin type, which is oily.

A little anatomy here will help understanding this topic.

Our skin contains a lot of water, which is needed for keeping the skin molecules plump and the interstitial fluid (the “soupy” liquid which surrounds the molecules) at a liquid consistency. We lose water content through moving and generally functioning as living beings. For the body to function well we need to replace the water content. Since water is vital to normal life, the famous 8 glasses we drink are going to go everywhere in the body and the skin is last on the destination list, which means the skin does not necessarily get enough for its needs. This is the reason for using topical moisturizers.

The second important ingredient in the skin beside water is sebum (oil). Sebum is produced by glands located in the skin and its job is to protect the skin from environmental elements, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, etc.

Sebum creates a very thin film on the skin and gives it its “dewy” look.

The sebaceous glands sometimes produce too much sebum and this results in an “oily skin”.

Having an oily skin does not mean the skin needs no water.

When choosing a moisturizer we need to pay attention to which type of skin the moisturizer is for.

Moisturizing cream for oily skin is water based.The moisturizing cream for oily skin is light in texture and will penetrate easily, leaving no film on the skin.

Choosing the right moisturizing cream for oily skin ensures your skin gets hydrated without any negative side effect.

Allowing oily skin to become dehydrated will only result in premature wrinkles, not a very desirable result.

Here are a few Oily Skin Moisturizers we like:

Tropo by Gernetic, Mixed & Oily by Gernetic, Hydra-Matt Fluid by Sothys, Sulphuric Whip Moisturizer by Ilike Organic Skin Care, Oil-Free Moisturizer by Peter Thomas Roth and Clariphase Day/Night Cream by France Laure.



What’s New in August

The European Touch

Sothys Jumbo Cleansing Duo

Cleansing Milk 400ml+ Floral Toner 400ml

Double the regular retail size, for the regular price – that in itself is a great deal.
We went one step farther and made these duos our Product of the Month at

Clarity Cleansing Duo
Comfort Cleansing Duo
Purity Cleansing Duo

New Sunscreen Products by Peter Thomas Roth

Perfect timing for the sunny, hot weather.
We can now offer you 2 new sunscreen items:

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Stick SPF50
Sunscreen cream ideal for the face, dries matt and is a great makeup base.
The “stick” refers to the packaging, not the contents.

Ultra-Lite SPF 30
This lotion absorbs very fast to provide sheer broad spectrum protection.

Both sunscreen items are priced at the introductory price of $26.- (regular $32.-)

We wish you an enjoyable, sunny and relaxing month!

The Staff @

Summer Travel Kits & Maxi Duo

  • Minis & Maxi : Travel Kits & Maxi Duos
  • Gernetic Travel Kits
  • Ilike Travel Kits
  • Sothys Travel Kits
  • Sothys Maxi Duos

Gernetic Travel Kits

Perfect size to take on a trip, will last up to three weeks and takes up minimum space.
A great way to try out new products or a lovely, thoughtful gift.
Four options to choose from:

#1  Glyco 50ml + Fibro 50ml + Synchro 30ml
#2  Glyco 50ml+Fibro 50ml+Synchro 30ml+MyoMyoso30ml
#4  Glyco50ml+Fibro50ml+Synchro30ml+Vasco30ml
#6  Glyco50ml+Fibro50ml+Synchro30ml+Immuno30ml

Ilike Organics Travel Kits

Each pouch contains a milk cleanser 30ml + an exfoliant 17.25ml + a mask 17.5ml + a moisturizer 12.5ml.

1. Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex– anti aging.
2. Balancing – oily/acneic.
3. Vitalizing – normal/combination.
4. Time Reverse – aging, dry
5. Brightening – Hyperpigmentation
6. Calming – sensitive
7. Grape Stem Cell – anti aging, protective.
8. Eyes and Lips

Sothys Maxi Duo Cleanser + Toner Duo in double the regular size.Only the size is bigger, the price is the same as for regular size products.  Exceptional value for all budgets.

1. Clarity Cleanser 400ml + Clarity Toner 400ml 
for Sensitive Skin and Broken Capillaries.
2. Comfort Cleanser 400ml+Comfort Toner 400ml 
for Dry Skin.
3. Purity Cleanser 400ml + Purity Toner 400ml 
for Oily Skin

Sothys Travel Kits

Four products in each kit : Cleanser 40ml + Toner 40ml + Moisturizer 15ml + Serum 15ml.Great for one week trip or a thoughtful gift.
1. Vitality Kit – Normal/Combination Skin
2. Comfort Kit – Dry Skin
3. Anti-Age 2 Kit – First Fine Lines
4. Anti-Age 3 Kit – Mature Skin 

Exfoliation for Mature Skin

I was inspired to write this by reading another interesting post by Perry Romanowski’s from The Beauty Brains.

In the past I wrote about the importance of exfoliation for maintaining good skin and some readers may wonder if exfoliation can be done indefinitely, or, as Peter’s client put it “Does exfoliating make you run out of skin?”

The answer is resoundingly NO.

The skin has a basal layer ( the live layer) which produces new skin cells that travel upwards and become the top layer. At this point these cells are dead and will naturally flake off to make room for new ones, and so on. The whole process takes about 35 days. Stem cells in the basal layer produce skin cells indefinitely, but, with aging the production slows down. This in turn means the natural sloughing process slows down too and this is why aging skin has that greyish tinge : it’s been around too long.

Exfoliation takes care of that problem by removing the dead cells and making room for fresh ones to come to the surface.

Exfoliating excess dead cells also eases penetration of anti-aging serums and creams and hereby enhances their effectiveness.

You have multiple choices when choosing exfoliants:

1. grainy, mechanical ones that work by gently moving your fingertips in small circles.

2. enzyme peels ( e.g.from pineapple, papaya) which are applied and allowed to work for a few minutes, then rinsed off.

3. AHA like glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid which can be done by an aesthetician.

4. chemical peels like TCA done by a dermatologist.

5. microdermabrasion that is done by either an aesthetician or dermatologist.(in reality it will be done by the nurse)

Exfoliation is beneficial for mature skin and should be done regularly, as part of a good skin care maintenance program.

Caring for the Mature Skin

This is the first post in a series dedicated to skin care for the mature skin.

There is a page on our website dedicated to mature skin, but we realized there are far too many products from all the brands we carry to just show them on the page and hope a person has the patience and time to wade through them all in the hope of landing on the right product. Hopeless…

So we decided to change products on the Mature Skin page every 2 months. We will show six products, all from the same brand, all dedicated to the mature skin.

This month we are featuring Ilike Organic Skin Care new Grape Stem Cell group.

You may have heard or read about stem cells and the rejuvenating effects they have on the skin.

Ilike Organics use 100% pure organic grape stem cells that have the ability to promote healthy cell production and protect against UV-induced cellular damage. In other words, grape stem cells help production of fresh new healthy cells, so the skin becomes refreshed, younger-looking.

Even better, stem cells can reverse the effects of photo-aging and protect against UV damage to the skin.

Visit our Mature Skin page and give yourself an early Valentine present: skin rejuvenating Grape Stem Cell by Ilike Organic Skin Care.

Tips & Tricks

* Do exfoliate three  times/week.

* Do use an eye cream.

* Do use sunscreen.


Getting Your Skin Ready for Spring



Winter is on its last legs, we hope, so we turn our attention on the current state of the skin. Our faces had to put up with harsh winds, snow, rain, cold outdoors and overheated and dry indoors. Our winter skin care regime should have included nourishing creams and masks. Even in the best case scenario, assuming the skin is in good shape, weather change brings change in the skin care routine.

Take a look at the skin after cleaning it well. Notice any imperfections, any flakiness, any rough spots. Now is the time to apply a good exfoliation.

By exfoliating we remove accumulated dead cells, build-up of makeup and pollution. Winter dryness causes dehydration and flakiness. By exfoliating we prepare the skin for a fresh start.

There are many choices for exfoliants : classic scrubs with small beads are the most basic (keep well away from crushed almonds or other”natural”bits that can be scratching the skin like so many needles). A good mechanical scrub is GerPeel by GERnetic.

Better exfoliants will contain plant enzymes, or lactic acid and do not need scrubbing, as the enzymes break down the protein in the dead cells and all you need to do is wash them off. A good example is Yogurt Power Peel by Ilike Organic Skin Care.

Chemical peels, such as glycolic acid peels, are done by an aesthetician and will give splendid results, especially if you sign up for a series of 4-6 treatments.

If you don’t want to commit to that, you can use a trio of glycolic acid home care products that effect an exfoliation over time. There is absolutely no down time and the results are excellent. A good example is the Glycolic Acid Trio by Peter Thomas Roth.

The same company has an interesting exfoliation called Laser-Free Retexturizing, which combines enzymes with microscopic jojoba beads and glycolic acid for deep exfoliation, plus an extract from a South American plant called dragon’s blood, to repair skin damage, plus sweet almond, apricot and mango oils to moisturize. This product packs a real 1-2-3 punch.

Regardless of the method you choose to exfoliate, once this step is done you can turn to a deep moisturizing mask used as a treatment for a week. It will deeply hydrate the skin and assist in eliminating fine lines due to winter dehydration.

Now you’re ready to start your spring skin care routine. The same way you review your spring wardrobe, you must review your skin care array of products. Check your milk cleanser and toner. Are they still smelling clean and fresh? Then keep on using them, by all means. Just make sure storing them near a heater over winter hasn’t turned them into a bacteria hotel.

Moisturizers, for both dry and oily skins, are a daily must in the morning. Try to use a moisturizer with sunscreen and if not, use a sunscreen AND a moisturizer.

Do change your night cream to a lighter, nourishing one. It’s time to add an eye cream to the routine and prevent new lines.

Do keep on using a moisturizing mask once a week, preceded by a light exfoliation.

Following this routine will result in peaches’n cream skin, ready to welcome spring and summer in our gardens and patios.

5 good reasons for a cleanser / toner or face wash routine



1. Regardless of skin type, cleansers remove makeup and pollution from the skin. Some cleansers are removable with water, others need to be removed with a tissue and then with a toner.

2. Toners are needed to remove the last traces of cleanser without stripping the skin too much. The ph of the skin is balanced by the toner which leaves your skin with a ph of 4.5, a little on the acidic side, making sure bacteria do not make their home on your skin. Even if your skin is oily or acneic, you must make sure that your toner does NOT contain alcohol. This ingredient will strip the skin completely, just like soap will. Unprotected skin will then produce more sebum (oil) and the oiliness will come back with a vengeance.

3. Oily skin may prefer the feeling of a foaming face wash, which works very well for this skin type. Many face washes for oily skin do not need a toner to follow.

4. There are face washes for dry and mature skins. Some of them contain tiny granules which effect a gentle exfoliation while cleansing. Others contain ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, plant and fruit extracts. If you wear a fair amount of makeup it is advisable to use a milk cleanser first and follow with an appropriate face wash.

5. The night cream applied following a good cleansing will have a better chance of producing visible effects. Otherwise, applied on an uncleansed face, it will just add to the debris and be quite useless. Shame to pay all that money for a cream to just have it go to nought!

Do you have a favourite cleanser/toner or face wash?

by Nadia Danay

Why Soap is Not Good for Your Face



This post is the first in a series I call “Back to Basics” to discuss the fundamentals of daily skin care.

Soaps are great for the body are not so great when used on the face.

Soap removes the naturally occurring oil protection and leaves the skin totally bare. The oil is there to create a barrier against outside aggression, such as bacteria, dust, wind, pollution.

This oil is produced by oil glands (or sebaceous glands) located in our own skin. Once on the skin surface, the oil acts as a sheer cover. The ph of the sebum is slightly acidic, therefore destroying bacteria it comes in contact with.

When using soap all this protection is washed off and the skin responds by producing more oil. For oily skin this is not good, as it creates a vicious circle of washing and producing more oil than needed, then washing again…In the long run oily skin becomes sensitized and the sensitivity will last a life time, even after the oil production slows down with age.

Dry skin will just feel taut, because the amount  of sebum it produces is too small to begin with, so after washing it off you feel like your skin has shrunk.  In the long run, this is one of the reasons why some very young people develop wrinkles long before their time.

Cleansing the skin at night is an absolute must if we want to keep looking fresh and wrinkle free for a long time. However, soap is not the answer for the reasons I just mentioned above.

There are solutions that work well without the nasty side effects. Cleansers and toners, or face washes are the alternative and we’ll discuss them in detail in a future post.

Until then, take good care of yourself.

by Nadia Danay

Choosing The Right Skin Care at Every Age

Last week I visited a friend and had to use her bathroom. Not that I am nosy, or anything, but her skin care products were out there on the counter for all to see.

So I took a look and for a minute I thought she intends to open a store, there were that many bottles and jars in little rows. Being an aesthetician and a friend, I felt I can ask her why she had so many skin care items, without her taking offence.

She said she uses them all, not regularly, but as the fancy takes her. She does not have a real “fave”, just buys what she feels the latest “trend” is. I have to admit she does use some of the products I carry, but not exclusively. Her main source of ideas are magazine ads and TV commercials.

She is not alone in doing this and I find it hilarious that she constantly has complaints about her skin. The problem is not the products themselves, as much as the fact that many of them are not for her skin type and age.

We need to tailor our skin care to our individual skin and age. I’ve put together a little chart to outline basic skin care needs according to age. I hope it clears some of the confusion many people have on what is needed and what is just a nice extra.

To really personalize this chart to your individual age and skin, please do not hesitate to contact me at : and I’ll be delighted to assist you in making educated choices.

new workbook


2 Steps for Dealing with Aging Skin




Expert Marian Northington M.D. director of UAB Cosmetic Dermatology said recently : “Daily incidental sun exposures add up and result in wrinkles, sunspots and potential cancerous lesions”.

She went on to add that : “The number 1 way to prevent photoaging is wearing a 30-plus sunscreen, every day”.

For those of us who already exhibit signs of skin aging, the advice is to use Retinol ( a derivative of Vitamin A) based products, which improve skin pigmentation and cause the increase of collagen production to help with fine  lines and wrinkles.

We recommend GERnetic Melano 4 or 5 for sun protection. Easy to apply  Melano 4 is non-oily and works well as a makeup base.

Retinol Fusion PM by Peter Thomas Roth is our Retinol choice for night use. For a power packed Retinol duo, layer under Un-Wrinkle Night!

To summarize : Sunscreen and Retinol daily.

Not too hard, is it?

by Nadia Danay

Microdermabrasion – What, How, When, Why?




In recent weeks I noticed a flurry of articles on microdermabrasion, some informative, others not so much.

To clear some of the confusion around this procedure we’ll look at the mechanics of it first.

Simply put, microdermabrasion as delivered in a spa or medical office, is similar to sandblasting a wall. In our case, the wall is the skin and the particles used to clear the surface are tiny microspheres. These are delivered in a continuous stream pushed by air onto the skin. The effect of it is to dislodge and remove dead skin cells from the skin surface.

You will feel a sensation like the snap of a rubber band, not too bad. The visible result, depending on the state of your skin at the onset, is relatively not too impressive. However, if you are a smoker or have oily, thick skin, then the result is more striking. Usually one session is not enough to make a substantial difference. You must remember, this procedure removes only a superficial layer, so deeper wrinkles and sun damage will still be visible, even after a series of treatments, albeit lighter and reduced in intensity.

It is not enough to have this treatment if the home care is not up to par. Once the skin is clear of superficial dead cells, it is the time to use intensive anti-aging and moisturizing products, because their effect is going to be that much more visible on cleared skin.

The same results can be obtained with glycolic acid treatments. These are only done by a trained professional, just like the microdermabrasion we just mentioned above. Instead of a mechanical exfoliation, the glycolic acid treatment is a chemical exfoliation that uses sugar cane extract (glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane – it is a natural product) that can break down the substance which holds together the dead cells on the skin surface. Imagine a brick wall and the glycolic acid eating away the mortar. Once the mortar is gone, the bricks fall off. The same process happens with the skin, but the skin cells are not visible to the naked eye.

What we can see are the results, which, in my experience, are superior to those of microdermabrasion. However, both these procedures can only be done by a trained professional. This is where the home microdermabrasion comes in.

There are any number of kits available, some more effective than others. The great advantage is that one can do this procedure at home, in one’s time and in privacy. Again, do not expect miraculous results after the first treatment, but if you keep it up, the results follow soon enough.

It is best to engage in this series of treatments at the change of seasons, fall and spring being the ideal time.

There is one home care microdermabrasion that I like, made by Sothys Skin Care. It is called [C] Renewal System and it involves two products which complement each other, so the results are much superior that using just the microdermabrasion alone.

First item is the Microdermabrasion Mask -At-home microdermabrasion treatment that combines mechanical and chemical exfoliation. By using both mechanical AND chemical exfoliation the results are better.

Second item is the C Continuous Renewal Care night cream designed to restore skin health with the H2CR™ Complex and pentapeptides for anti-aging skin care.

In the same category of home care microdermabrasion, but in a class of its own, is the C Renewal Double Peeling System, a high technology double-serum to renew lifeless, dull and ageing skins.

Regardless of the system you decide to use, please remember that once the skin is smoothed, it needs nutrition and moisture both. After exfoliation a good moisturizer and a nourishing night cream are the necessary ingredients for achieving the perfect complexion.

by Nadia Danay

10 Reasons You Need Moisturizers

After cleansing, moisturizing is THE most important weapon we use to keep our skin looking good. And here are 10 reasons why you need moisturizers, regardless of skin type:

1. Moisturizing daily will get rid of the fine lines that look like a spider left its web on your skin. That is dehydration, lack of water. Moisturizing diligently will eliminate those pesky fine lines.

2. Maintain a healthy, dewy glow. It is not makeup, but diligent moisturizing that will give you the glow that shows once the war paint is off.

3. Start moisturizing while you’re in your late teens and you’ll delay the appearance of crows’ feet at the eye corners. Very aging!

4. Foundation and powder look much better when applied on a well moisturized skin.

5. You will use much less foundation, because the well moisturized skin lets foundation stay on top of the skin, so you use much less and look more natural.

6. Well moisturized oily skin will avoid dehydration and the flakiness that goes with it.

7. Well moisturized skin stands up better to environmental aggressors, such as wind, therefore no chafing.

8. Well moisturized skin looks smooth, with normal pores, not too large and unsightly.

9. Well moisturized oily skin will produce less oil. Oily skin produces more oil in self defence against dehydration.

10. Using a moisturizer with SPF is great sun protection.

So here you have it : 10 reasons to use a moisturizer daily.

Which one applies to you?

by Nadia Danay

Questions I answered recently.

Recently I joined a panel of experts on CharmRoom, a website dedicated to answering skin, hair, makeup and body related questions.

Here are some of the questions I answered, in the hope that this will help other people who have the same question.

Q : “I am new to makeup and want to know the best ways to make my eyelashes look thicker. Thkx!”

A : Use a “volumizing” mascara, like Blinc.
This mascara not only enhances the length and volume of the lashes, but does not run even if you cry.
Ideal for contact lens wearers.
Remove with warm water only, no remover or cleanser.

Q :I wash my face daily, but within 3 hours my face is extremely oily again. What should I do? “

A : Change whatever you’re using to wash your face. It probably contains alcohol which strips the skin and this is why the skin produces more oil.
The oil is there as a protection and if you take it all off, the skin will produce more in self defence.
The face wash I suggest has no alcohol, but cleans the excess oil without stripping the skin bare.  Here is the link to Sothys Purifying Foaming Gel. Another good face wash is Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser

:What is a good face cream that will not make my face break out?”

:I suppose the creams that make your face break out are not for your skin type.
It’s not easy finding a good cream if you have combination skin.
I suggest Synchro2000 by GERnetic, which is a moisturizing and regenerating cream that you can use both day and night and whose light texture is just perfect for skin like yours.

Do you have questions like these? Do you have comments on the questions / answers in this post? Don’t be shy! Let us hear your voice and we’ll thank you for it.



by Nadia Danay

Pycnogenol – Grape Extract in Anti-Aging Fight


A study finds Pycnogenol® is effective in improving visible signs of skin aging in women, aged 55-68 years. Published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, the study found that after 12 weeks of supplementing with Pycnogenol®, women experienced improved skin hydration and increased skin elasticity by 25 percent. Pycnogenol® significantly elevated collagen and increased hyaluronic acid production in skin by 44 percent.
This study confirms previous findings that Pycnogenol® effectively improves skin conditions, including promoting glowing skin and reducing the appearance of over-pigmentation and skin inflammation.

from www.cosmetics