Mini-Routine for Sensitive & Delicate Skin

In anticipation of the imminent cold weather, we suggest a home daily routine for sensitive skin.

1.Cleanse with Glyco Milk and Fibro Lotion

2. Apply GERnetic Sensi Boost Ampoule to immediately calm any discomfort and reduce redness

3. Lightly apply GERnetic Vasco Cream to improve micro-circulation and soothe the skin

4. Lightly apply GERnetic Cold Cream Mousse to reinforce the natural defenses of the skin, leaving it nourished, soothed and rebalanced.

Genuine & Authentic Skin Care vs.Fakes

The field of professional level skin care is very competitive, each brand striving to come ahead of its competitors.

These brands have several common qualities: their skin care products are the result of extensive R & D (research & development), they are using rare and expensive ingredients and are usually carried by highly trained professional estheticians, spa and salons.

Last two years have seen many changes in consumer buying habits, from ordering groceries online to ordering household goods and clothing.

Instead of visiting a spa or salon we order online and look for the best deal. When it comes to skin care, the research, development and manufacture involved in producing effective products is a costly process. High quality skin care is, by its very nature, not cheap.

Enter fake products. High quality skin care is copied and sold as the real deal. Just like fake designer purses and watches.

The sellers of these fake products make use of Amazon and Walmart as a sales channel.

Manufacturers of genuine products train, support and authorize estheticians, spas and salons who, in turn, guarantee you buy authentic skin care.

When purchasing skin care online, please remember that if the price is too good to be true, it most likely is a fake. You may not mind buying a fake designer purse, but you surely care about the quality of your skin care.

Your skin deserves the real product, not some fake peddled by unknown merchants, hiding behind the well known names of Amazon and Walmart.