Questions I answered recently.

Recently I joined a panel of experts on CharmRoom, a website dedicated to answering skin, hair, makeup and body related questions.

Here are some of the questions I answered, in the hope that this will help other people who have the same question.

Q : “I am new to makeup and want to know the best ways to make my eyelashes look thicker. Thkx!”

A : Use a “volumizing” mascara, like Blinc.
This mascara not only enhances the length and volume of the lashes, but does not run even if you cry.
Ideal for contact lens wearers.
Remove with warm water only, no remover or cleanser.

Q :I wash my face daily, but within 3 hours my face is extremely oily again. What should I do? “

A : Change whatever you’re using to wash your face. It probably contains alcohol which strips the skin and this is why the skin produces more oil.
The oil is there as a protection and if you take it all off, the skin will produce more in self defence.
The face wash I suggest has no alcohol, but cleans the excess oil without stripping the skin bare.  Here is the link to Sothys Purifying Foaming Gel. Another good face wash is Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser

:What is a good face cream that will not make my face break out?”

:I suppose the creams that make your face break out are not for your skin type.
It’s not easy finding a good cream if you have combination skin.
I suggest Synchro2000 by GERnetic, which is a moisturizing and regenerating cream that you can use both day and night and whose light texture is just perfect for skin like yours.

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by Nadia Danay

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Another Question

What is a good acne product?

I have really bad problems with acne what are some products besides proactive that are good for getting ride of acne.
Nadia’s Answer:
Gernetic from France has exceptional results without any harsh chemicals .
and look for the following : immuno cream and synchro cream . You clean your face, mix a little of each of the two creams and apply all over your face. Very small amounts!
Gernetic Adult Acne

My Posts on Yahoo Answers


I’ve started answering skin care related questions on Yahoo Answers and discovered a multitude of questions that many of you may have asked yourselves, but never bothered to post. So here we are, some are short, others a little longer, but all of them interesting. I hope you find them interesting enough to post your own answers and maybe start a conversation.

Help me get rid of my back hair!! has anyone got any suggestions?

Nadia’s Answer:

Going to an esthetician and having it waxed off is fast and very effective. You’ll be a little sore for a couple of hours the first time, but using an aloe gel helps and the second time will be much less stressful. If she does a good job, you’ll only need to go back in a month.
The other solution is laser hair removal, which will also be done once a month for approximately 4 -6 months. Make sure you ask if they use a diode laser, which is the best and most effective.


Does Skin Breathe?

So much nonsense is being spouted on this topic that I can hardly know where to start!
Let’s just review the job of our skin, which, by the way, is our largest organ.
– Protection of internal organs is number one. This is why water, gases (oxygen is a gas, remember) and oils CANNOT penetrate the skin.
If they could, you’d swell like a whale after every shower.
There are very few, select substances, like essential oils, which can penetrate because their molecular structure is very small and similar to that of the skin.
Estrogen patches and nicotin patches are full of similar substances – small mollecular size which helps them penetrate the skin barrier.
– Elimination is another job for the skin. It eliminates sweat and produces oils that lubricate and protect.
The pores of the skin are just tiny openings, like the donut holes. Just like donut holes, the pores have no active role. They simply allow sweat and sebum (oil) to flow OUT.
When we apply make up and allow it to stay on for a long time (not remove it at the end of the day) it will mix with the sebum and sweat we produce and let pollutants adhere on top, creating a nasty soup that we can see as blackheads or just very dull skin.
This is why cleansing daily is most important and so is regular exfoliation.
But to get back to the topic, our skin does not breathe. That job is left to the lungs.
There are numerous claims on the market for products that “let skin breathe”.
BOGUS, all of them.
It is a good idea to avoid heavy make up and an even better one to cleanse your face daily. This will avoid occlusion of the pores (plugging), blackheads and creation of breeding grounds for the bacteria responsible for acne.
That is all. Next time you hear about “skin detoxifying”or “skin breathing” you’ll know it it for what it is : nonsense.
Have a Sunny Day

by Nadia Danay