Caring for the Mature Skin

This is the first post in a series dedicated to skin care for the mature skin.

There is a page on our website dedicated to mature skin, but we realized there are far too many products from all the brands we carry to just show them on the page and hope a person has the patience and time to wade through them all in the hope of landing on the right product. Hopeless…

So we decided to change products on the Mature Skin page every 2 months. We will show six products, all from the same brand, all dedicated to the mature skin.

This month we are featuring Ilike Organic Skin Care new Grape Stem Cell group.

You may have heard or read about stem cells and the rejuvenating effects they have on the skin.

Ilike Organics use 100% pure organic grape stem cells that have the ability to promote healthy cell production and protect against UV-induced cellular damage. In other words, grape stem cells help production of fresh new healthy cells, so the skin becomes refreshed, younger-looking.

Even better, stem cells can reverse the effects of photo-aging and protect against UV damage to the skin.

Visit our Mature Skin page and give yourself an early Valentine present: skin rejuvenating Grape Stem Cell by Ilike Organic Skin Care.

Tips & Tricks

* Do exfoliate three  times/week.

* Do use an eye cream.

* Do use sunscreen.