ASTRALI SKIN CARE is a range of skin care products designed to address various skin concerns, such as aging, dryness, acne, and sensitivity. These products and treatments are formulated using high-quality ingredients and advanced technologies, with the aim of delivering visible results.

Most of the key ingredients used in ASTRALI SKIN CARE products include plant extracts such as chamomile and lavender, cucumber, saffron, avocado oil and peptides. These ingredients work to hydrate, brighten, firm, and soothe the skin, depending on the specific formulation.

We offer an affordable price point, making our products accessible to everyone.

ASTRALI is your go-to source for healthy, beautiful skin.

Is Your Skin Sensitive?

Are you experiencing redness following use of a skin care product? It may be you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, many times perfume, alcohol are the irritants. Discontinue using the particular product and monitor your skin for a reduction in redness. To be sure that product is the culprit you need to try using it again. If redness occurs again, just stop using it.

Redness and sensitivity may be caused by exposure to harsh environment and may disappear once you are back in normal environment. Unfortunately, in most cases the sensitivity will remain and can be minimized by using specific skin care.

We suggest trying Sothys SOS Soothing Serum for two weeks and enjoy the results.

This essential serum with Spa™ Thermal Water, Wild Jasmine leaf extract and Tetra-Peptide quickly neutralizes permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort, and limits their appearance.

Blue ageratum leaf and brown algae extracts limit the inflammatory reaction and visibly reduce redness.

This serum may be used morning and night under the respective creams. For even better results, we suggest adding either the Sothys Soothing Velvet Cream for dry skin, or the Sothys Soothing Melting Fluid for combination skin.

During February the Sothys Sensitive Skin products are on promotion at 20% off regular price.

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