Is Your Skin Sensitive?

Are you experiencing redness following use of a skin care product? It may be you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, many times perfume, alcohol are the irritants. Discontinue using the particular product and monitor your skin for a reduction in redness. To be sure that product is the culprit you need to try using it again. If redness occurs again, just stop using it.

Redness and sensitivity may be caused by exposure to harsh environment and may disappear once you are back in normal environment. Unfortunately, in most cases the sensitivity will remain and can be minimized by using specific skin care.

We suggest trying Sothys SOS Soothing Serum for two weeks and enjoy the results.

This essential serum with Spa™ Thermal Water, Wild Jasmine leaf extract and Tetra-Peptide quickly neutralizes permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort, and limits their appearance.

Blue ageratum leaf and brown algae extracts limit the inflammatory reaction and visibly reduce redness.

This serum may be used morning and night under the respective creams. For even better results, we suggest adding either the Sothys Soothing Velvet Cream for dry skin, or the Sothys Soothing Melting Fluid for combination skin.

During February the Sothys Sensitive Skin products are on promotion at 20% off regular price.

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Do’s and Dont’s about Blackheads

Our skin produces sebum (oil) for protection against the elements. Too much sebum results in oily skin, while too little results dry skin.

When sebum comes in contact with air and pollution it oxidizes and the top becomes dark hence the blackhead. The dark, visible part is like a lid on a pot, while the pore below is full of sebum that cannot come out because the top is now hard. Oily and combination skin will have more blackheads, while dry skin has almost none.

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with pesky blackheads:

Don’t try to squeeze them out. You may bruise the skin and the blackhead will still be there, mocking you.

Don’t resort to removal strips. The ingredients on these may irritate the skin and they only remove the top layer, leaving the pore full of sebum.

Don’t use harsh cleansers containing alcohol and avoid rough, grainy exfoliants that may irritate or scratch the skin.

Do cleanse at night with a gentle milk cleanser AND toner or a special face wash. You may use a good facial brush on the areas with blackheads.

Do use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Dehydrated oily skin will produce even more oil to compensate for lack of water.

Do visit your esthetician once a month for a thorough cleansing facial.

Do use a face mask once a week.


Adult Acne & Its Treatment

    Adult acne is quite different from juvenile acne, both         in causes and treatment.

    Adult acne can be caused by:- stress,  medication, hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance may be triggered by pregnancy, menopause or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) use.

    Adult acne can appear on normal skin, combination skin and even dry skin.

Medical treatments for adult acne include:

                  – Long-term use of antibiotics.
                  – Topical applications of benzoyl peroxide.
                  – Accutane
                  – Topical retinoic acid (vit.A)- irritating.
                   – Birth control pill is useful in cases of hormonal imbalance with excess androgens.A visible sign of this problem would be excess facial hair, hair loss or thinning hair.

    With the exception of the birth control pill and antibiotics, all the above forms of treatment are irritating to the skin and may leave adult skin with lifelong sensitivity.

At the European Touch we have alternative tools that offer a more natural solution to heal, nourish and regenerate the adult acneic skin without any negative side effects.

Adult acne is not an insoluble problem and our pictures prove it.

The regime used by the clients in the photos above is simple:

1. Glyco Milk + Fibro Lotion A.M & P.M.                    

                        2. Synchro + Immuno mixed in equal amounts A.M. & P.M.

If you find Synchro a little too heavy you can substitute Synchro2000for the same effect.

In addition to facial products, GERnetic bust treatment products are very beneficial because they balance hormonal activity and reduce the occurence of adult acne.

                           Seino Lotion 

                          Macro 2000 cream   

                           Endo serum

Please remember to use small amounts, as GERnetic products are highly concentrated and there is no need to use large amounts in order to get the desired effect.

At The European Touch we are commited to your success in treating adult acne. Follow our advice and you will solve adult acne problem in no time. We are available for FREE private consultation over the phone or via email, so feel free to contact us.

Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Summer is splendid, but oily skin finds it difficult to handle, what with moisturizers and sunscreen, plus make up. It can be very stressing, trying to tone down the shine.

Over the years I had many clients complain that their oily skin became even oilier once they used a moisturizer. The problem is not the skin, just that the product they use is not designed for their skin type, which is oily.

A little anatomy here will help understanding this topic.

Our skin contains a lot of water, which is needed for keeping the skin molecules plump and the interstitial fluid (the “soupy” liquid which surrounds the molecules) at a liquid consistency. We lose water content through moving and generally functioning as living beings. For the body to function well we need to replace the water content. Since water is vital to normal life, the famous 8 glasses we drink are going to go everywhere in the body and the skin is last on the destination list, which means the skin does not necessarily get enough for its needs. This is the reason for using topical moisturizers.

The second important ingredient in the skin beside water is sebum (oil). Sebum is produced by glands located in the skin and its job is to protect the skin from environmental elements, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, etc.

Sebum creates a very thin film on the skin and gives it its “dewy” look.

The sebaceous glands sometimes produce too much sebum and this results in an “oily skin”.

Having an oily skin does not mean the skin needs no water.

When choosing a moisturizer we need to pay attention to which type of skin the moisturizer is for.

Moisturizing cream for oily skin is water based.The moisturizing cream for oily skin is light in texture and will penetrate easily, leaving no film on the skin.

Choosing the right moisturizing cream for oily skin ensures your skin gets hydrated without any negative side effect.

Allowing oily skin to become dehydrated will only result in premature wrinkles, not a very desirable result.

Here are a few Oily Skin Moisturizers we like:

Tropo by Gernetic, Mixed & Oily by Gernetic, Hydra-Matt Fluid by Sothys, Sulphuric Whip Moisturizer by Ilike Organic Skin Care, Oil-Free Moisturizer by Peter Thomas Roth and Clariphase Day/Night Cream by France Laure.



2 Steps for Dealing with Aging Skin




Expert Marian Northington M.D. director of UAB Cosmetic Dermatology said recently : “Daily incidental sun exposures add up and result in wrinkles, sunspots and potential cancerous lesions”.

She went on to add that : “The number 1 way to prevent photoaging is wearing a 30-plus sunscreen, every day”.

For those of us who already exhibit signs of skin aging, the advice is to use Retinol ( a derivative of Vitamin A) based products, which improve skin pigmentation and cause the increase of collagen production to help with fine  lines and wrinkles.

We recommend GERnetic Melano 4 or 5 for sun protection. Easy to apply  Melano 4 is non-oily and works well as a makeup base.

Retinol Fusion PM by Peter Thomas Roth is our Retinol choice for night use. For a power packed Retinol duo, layer under Un-Wrinkle Night!

To summarize : Sunscreen and Retinol daily.

Not too hard, is it?

by Nadia Danay

Adult Acne Products & Treatment

Adult acne is quite different from juvenile acne, both in causes and treatment.
Juvenile acne will appear on oily skin and in many cases is treated with topical products containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and other agents which are too harsh and potentially irritating to adult skin.
The causes of adult acne can range from stress to medications, to hormonal inbalance. Hormonal inbalance may be triggered by pregnancy, menopause or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) use.
Unlike juvenile acne, adult acne can appear on normal skin, combination skin and even dry skin.
Medical treatments for adult acne are, unfortunately, almost identical to those for juvenile acne. They include:
– Long-term use of antibiotics. This will weaken the body’s immune response and, by destroying the intestinal flora, will open the door to yeast-type infections.(candida)
– Topical applications of benzoyl peroxide will, depending on strength and frequency, produce free radicals and cause premature aging, just like excessive sun exposure.
– Accutane is a very effective medication in severe cases, but it can cause birth defects and has other serious side effects such as liver damage.
– Glycolic acid products are very useful adult acne products, provided they are used in conjunction with a nourishing cream.
– Topical retinoic acid (vit.A) can be very irritating to adult skin.
– Birth control pill is useful in cases of hormonal inbalance with excess androgens. A visible sign of this would be excess facial hair, hair loss or thinning hair.
With the exception of the birth control pill, all the above adult acne products are sometimes irritating to the skin and will leave adult skin with lifelong sensitivity.
At the European Touch we have alternative adult acne products that offer a gentler solution to heal, nourish and regenerate without any negative side effects.
The adult acne products are made by Gernetic France and are very easy to use:
1. Glyco Milk & Fibro Lotion used am & pm
2. Synchro (or Synchro2000) + Immuno mixed in equal parts am & pm (use very small amounts)
In case of hormonal acne you will, of course, use prescription birth control pills as well as the skin care regime.
Last, but not least we suggest you take a good multivitamin, a tablespoon of milk thistle per day and drink lots of water.
Adult acne is not an insoluble problem and many of our happy clients are living proof of it.
At The European Touch we are commited to your success in treating adult acne. Follow our advice and you will solve the adult acne problem in no time.
Contact us at                                                                            Consultations are always FREE.

by Nadia Danay

Are Your Anti-Wrinkle Products Good Enough for You? the search for effective anti-wrinkle products we are faced with dozens of products that promise the moon and deliver minimal results, if any .

Beautifully photoshopped models in magazines seem to have miraculously benefitted from anti-wrinkle products which do nothing for you once you take them home.

How do you avoid making the same mistake over again?
A little anatomy is in order here, so we understand the mechanics of skin aging.
Our skin is made of 3 major layers :
epidermis – the top layer made of dry, dead skin cells.
dermis – the live, middle layer which contains collagen and elastin fibres, hair roots,
blood vessels, water and other components.
basal layer – primarily fat cells that act as insulation and protection.

Aging happens in the dermis, the live layer. Collagen and elastin fibers break, become slack and naturally occuring cell renewal slows down, so wrinkles set in.
Our skin also contains a large amount of water that plumps up the cells and fills the spaces in between cells. Relatively small amount of water loss, or dehydration, can result in fine lines, which, if dehydration continues, become wrinkles.
Still in the dermis, we find melanocytes, cells that produce a pigment called melanin, a process otherwise known as tanning. Tanning is a self defense mechanism that protects the body from UVA and UVB damage, in itself an aging process.

To summarize: when we look for anti-wrinkle products there are several problems to deal with, therefore any antiwrinkle product worth its salt must address at least one or two, if not more of these problems.

Moisturizers and hydrators are the first line of anti-wrinkle defense. They ensure the water content of the skin is topped up so fine lines have no chance to set in.
Chemical exfoliants such as retinol and glycolic acid will, by their very sloughing action on the skin, cause to speed up the cell renewal process. Collagen and elastin fibers regenerate with anti-wrinkle effect.The skin appears smoother and brighter because layers of accumulated dead cells are removed.
Exfoliation will partially remove sun damage, such as age spots.
Sun screens are to be considered anti-wrinkle preventive products and must be used regularly.
For up to the minute anti-wrinkle products, look for ingredients such as vitamin C that lightens and regenerates, peptides and neuro-peptides that send signals to skin to activate anti-aging mechanisms that help the appearance of deep wrinkles and expression lines.
Now that you have a better overview of the issue of anti-wrinkle products, you can take a look at the jars on your shelf and make sure they are indeed good enough for you.

by Nadia Danay