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Exfoliants – What, How, When?


An exfoliant is a product which removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, revealing a clearer, smoother, and more even-toned complexion underneath. Exfoliants are instrumental in unclogging pores and fading post-breakout marks, in lessening dryness and improving the appearance of discoloration.


There are three types of exfoliants: exfoliating acids, enzyme exfoliators and physical exfoliants.

Exfoliating acids dissolve the “glue” which holds skin cells together, which results in the shedding of dead cells. Acids are quite powerful and their effectiveness makes the ideal for treating very oily, acneic skin. AHA (alpha-hydroxy) acids are water soluble and penetrate less than BHA (beta-hydroxy) acids, which are oil soluble and penetrate deeper.

The most common AHAs are lactic, glycolic, malic, mandelic, and tartaric acids.

BHAs commonly found in skincare: salicylic acid and betaine salicylate.

Exfoliating acids suit anyone who has clogged pores, blackheads, breakouts, dryness, flakiness, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, dullness, discoloration, or rough texture. Anyone can safely use exfoliating acids, provided the ph and concentration are suitable.

Examples of products with exfoliating acids: Acne Clearing Wash, AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel.

Enzyme Exfoliators

Enzymes are fruit-derived. They contain no acids or grains. This means they can offer a gentler, no-sting exfoliation, which is very helpful for sensitive skin types. Pineapple, pumpkin, pomegranate, and papaya are the most common fruit enzymes used in skincare products. They work by dissolving and digesting the protein found in dead skin cells, thereby revealing smoother skin.

Both exfoliating acids and exfoliating enzymes dissolve dry skin cells, but there are a few main differences in how they work. Enzymes work more on the surface, while acids slip deeper into the skin’s surface. Also, enzymes are activated by water and work more slowly to digest cellular buildup. Apply them to damp skin and leave them on for anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes.

Any kind of exfoliation can improve clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes, dryness, flakiness, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, dullness, and discoloration. With that being said, anyone who can’t tolerate exfoliating acids will find enzymes a particularly good option.

Examples of enzyme exfoliants: Enzymatic Fruit Exfoliant.

Physical Exfoliants

Physical exfoliants, such as face scrubs, cleansing brushes, and washcloths, have a slightly abrasive texture that when massaged across the skin, manually sloughs off dry, dead skin cells. This type of exfoliant complements exfoliating acids and enzymes. Whereas acids and enzymes dissolve and loosen dead cells, physical exfoliants can actually lift them up and away.

All skin types can use physical exfoliants, even sensitive skin. The key is to use very light pressure. If you’re using a face scrub, let the beads or particles gently glide over the skin. People often make the mistake of pushing too hard, which can result in redness and irritation.

Examples pf physical exfoliants: Almond Grain Exfoliant, Organic Skin Radiance Exfoliant, MicroGel Peeling, Desquacream, GerPeel


No more than five times per week. When it comes to making recommendations for the skin, it’s always hard to generalize for all skin types but for most, four to five times per week is plenty.



ASTRALI SKIN CARE is a range of skin care products designed to address various skin concerns, such as aging, dryness, acne, and sensitivity. These products and treatments are formulated using high-quality ingredients and advanced technologies, with the aim of delivering visible results.

Most of the key ingredients used in ASTRALI SKIN CARE products include plant extracts such as chamomile and lavender, cucumber, saffron, avocado oil and peptides. These ingredients work to hydrate, brighten, firm, and soothe the skin, depending on the specific formulation.

We offer an affordable price point, making our products accessible to everyone.

ASTRALI is your go-to source for healthy, beautiful skin.

Is Your Skin Sensitive?

Are you experiencing redness following use of a skin care product? It may be you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, many times perfume, alcohol are the irritants. Discontinue using the particular product and monitor your skin for a reduction in redness. To be sure that product is the culprit you need to try using it again. If redness occurs again, just stop using it.

Redness and sensitivity may be caused by exposure to harsh environment and may disappear once you are back in normal environment. Unfortunately, in most cases the sensitivity will remain and can be minimized by using specific skin care.

We suggest trying Sothys SOS Soothing Serum for two weeks and enjoy the results.

This essential serum with Spa™ Thermal Water, Wild Jasmine leaf extract and Tetra-Peptide quickly neutralizes permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort, and limits their appearance.

Blue ageratum leaf and brown algae extracts limit the inflammatory reaction and visibly reduce redness.

This serum may be used morning and night under the respective creams. For even better results, we suggest adding either the Sothys Soothing Velvet Cream for dry skin, or the Sothys Soothing Melting Fluid for combination skin.

During February the Sothys Sensitive Skin products are on promotion at 20% off regular price.

Choose Sothys to Soothe Your Skin and Save Now!

Mini-Routine for Sensitive & Delicate Skin

In anticipation of the imminent cold weather, we suggest a home daily routine for sensitive skin.

1.Cleanse with Glyco Milk and Fibro Lotion

2. Apply GERnetic Sensi Boost Ampoule to immediately calm any discomfort and reduce redness

3. Lightly apply GERnetic Vasco Cream to improve micro-circulation and soothe the skin

4. Lightly apply GERnetic Cold Cream Mousse to reinforce the natural defenses of the skin, leaving it nourished, soothed and rebalanced.

Genuine & Authentic Skin Care vs.Fakes

The field of professional level skin care is very competitive, each brand striving to come ahead of its competitors.

These brands have several common qualities: their skin care products are the result of extensive R & D (research & development), they are using rare and expensive ingredients and are usually carried by highly trained professional estheticians, spa and salons.

Last two years have seen many changes in consumer buying habits, from ordering groceries online to ordering household goods and clothing.

Instead of visiting a spa or salon we order online and look for the best deal. When it comes to skin care, the research, development and manufacture involved in producing effective products is a costly process. High quality skin care is, by its very nature, not cheap.

Enter fake products. High quality skin care is copied and sold as the real deal. Just like fake designer purses and watches.

The sellers of these fake products make use of Amazon and Walmart as a sales channel.

Manufacturers of genuine products train, support and authorize estheticians, spas and salons who, in turn, guarantee you buy authentic skin care.

When purchasing skin care online, please remember that if the price is too good to be true, it most likely is a fake. You may not mind buying a fake designer purse, but you surely care about the quality of your skin care.

Your skin deserves the real product, not some fake peddled by unknown merchants, hiding behind the well known names of Amazon and Walmart.

5 Real Benefits of Organic & Plant Based Skin & Hair Care

Nature provides an abundance of solutions for our everyday needs.

  1. Organic skin care products are full of vitamins, fruit acids and bioflavonoids, and combined with other active ingredients they treat, nourish and beautify the skin, rejuvenating it from the inside out.
  2. Plant-based skincare can improve and protect your skin
  3. It is also a gentle option for use on damaged skin and can help your skin microbiome flourish through working with your skin’s flora.
  4. Using natural, botanical products means getting the ingredients without any meddling.
  5. The organic and plant based products we offer are all cruelty-free, not tested on animals.

ILIKE organic skin care is based on fruit and herbal ingredients formulated and processed in a unique way under specially controlled conditions that maintains the vitality of over 150 organic herbs we use. Because of this special manufacturing process ‒ using whole raw pulps, not extracts ‒ you can immediately experience the rich, deep penetrating effects of our products, as well as their magnificent aromas and colours. The products of ilike organic skin care contain no artificial colors; therefore the color and even texture of the products can change slightly batch by batch and may even vary by season. Just like there are no two identically looking apples…

PHYTO hair care products are plant based. By harnessing the power of plants and testing numerous formulas in his own salon, French hairdresser Patrick Alès developed what is now a world-renowned hair care line. His extensive range of treatments and styling products target all hair types, providing complete protection with botanical remedies. Eco-friendly packaging for each product is Phyto’s winning, finishing touch.

SOTHYS ORGANICS are certified organic, No GMOs, no nanomaterials, no silicone, no synthetic fragrance or dyes.

We invite you to investigate and order organic and natural products on our website, where we created a special dedicated page Organic & Natural.

New – Vital Transfer By Gernetic

Formulated for mature skins that show signs of low level of estrogen. Phyto-estrogen bind to skin receptors, thus activate the fibroblasts, keratinocytes and other skin cells to produce collagen and elastin, boosting skin repair and improving skin quality.

Vital Transfer contains Genistein; a phytoestrogen found in soy, clover and hops with a structure that mimics estrogen. It behaves as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory as well as a collagen producer.

In period of menopause or pre-menopause, Vital Transfer gives back suppleness and density to the skin thanks to the squalane and native collagen it contains

The Vital Transfer Face Cream will help to reduce extreme dryness, loss of density, thickness and elasticity, easily irritated skin and age spots.

Vital Transfer by Gernetic is available @ www.theeuropeantouch.com

What is Maskne?

Woman wearing a Covid mask

Maskne, or mask acne, involves acne breakouts from wearing a face mask. Symptoms may include chafing and irritation, along with pimple-like bumps if you have rosacea or dermatitis.
You already have oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells on your skin. But when you wear a mask, these substances can build up more and block your pores.
Wearing a mask also traps humidity and creates a favourable environment for bacteria, resulting in breakouts.

There are several ways to treat maskne symptoms:

1. Wash your face regularly . Morning, night and after sweating or wearing a mask.

2. Use a gentle cleanser.

3. Use a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer.

4. Apply moisturizer before using a mask.

6. Take a break from makeup.

7. Wash fabric mask after each use.

8. Toss disposable mask after each use.

Although maskne can be frustrating, it’s important to keep wearing face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular face-washing, moisturizing, and wearing the right type of mask may help prevent skin problems. We are here for you and will be happy to answer any skin care questions you may have.
You can also register for a FREE virtual consutation HERE.
Wishing you the best of health,

Nadia Danay

Why Wash your Face in the Morning

There are 3 reasons for washing your face in the morning:

  1. Remove all traces of night products to ensure any traces of them are off of your skin so your protective daytime products (like those that contain antioxidants  such as vitamin C and sunscreen) are uninhibited and can work their absolute best.
  2. When you sleep at night, your skin secretes toxins and sebum (oil), which could prevent daytime products from working as effectively as possible. Washing your face in the morning gives your skin a clean slate so protective products work as effectively as possible and last longer on the skin.
  3. Even if you have dry skin there is a chance that traces of oils from the night time products are still on the skin and will prevent absorption and effectiveness of day time products.

Using a gentle, gel face wash will not strip the skin and cause drying by altering the ph.

Make sure you follow with a suitable moisturizer right away and prevent moisture loss.

We suggest several Morning Wash products:

Morning Cleanser by Sothys

Micellar Cleansing Water by Sothys

Water Drench Hydrating Toner by Peter Thomas Roth

There you have it. In order for your skin to be as healthy as possible, you want to have a clean slate in the morning, so your sunscreen can be the star of the show. Remember, sunscreen is the anti-aging product you can have on your skin.

Vitamin C – Your Best Ally against Sun Damage

After months of being told to stay put, we want to go out and enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. Our bodies are happy to receive Vitamin D from the sun, good for the bones, hair and general well being.

There is a problem, though. That is the risk we run of sun damage to our skin, in the form of sun spots, sunburn, dryness and ultimately premature skin aging. We can avoid most of these by using sunscreen and reducing extended exposure to the sun.

In the fight against skin sun damage, aside from sunscreen, Vitamin C serum is our best ally. Its effects on the deep skin layers is to increase the skin’s natural anti-oxidant properties, thus protecting it from sun damage.

The exceptional properties of Vitamin C are: skin brightening, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, regenerate, revitalize, tone and anti-oxidant properties, lightening properties on pigmentary spots. 

We recommend France Laure C+ Detox Serum, formulated with:

  1. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate – stable form of Vitamin C. lightening, brightening, stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces melanin production, antioxidant, repairs skin after sun exposure

2. Marine DNA – counteracts free radicals, minimizes skin pores, refines skin texture

3. Essential oils of orange, mandarin & lemon – rich in vitamin C

4. Vitaminized complex ( A, C, E) – activates cellular regeneration, repairs, anti-oxidant

Try this Vitamin C Serum today and you’ll just love this “glow in a bottle” for the noticeable improvement in your skin appearance.


Can I use Retinol in the Summer?

Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A, is very beneficial for the skin.  It can help reduce the appearance of bumps and large pores, help fade discoloration, and even help smooth lines and wrinkles.

The skin undergoes a micro-peeling which is not visible to the naked eye, but is very effective in increasing cellular turnover. As a result of this action, the new, fresh skin is extra sensitive to the effects of the sun.

Using Retinol consistently ensures you reap the benefits of its action on the skin.

You can use Retinol during the summer PROVIDED you are very diligent with the application of sunscreen.

If you cannot consistently protect your skin with sunscreen, it is best to discontinue use of Retinol and resume it in the fall.

Retinol products we recommend: Retinol Dermobooster by Sothys

Sunscreen we recommend: SPF 30 Face & Body by Sothys

Over-Exfoliation Facts

Exfoliation is one-third of the basic skincare regimen. Clearing out dead skin is a key to a clear complexion and uniform skin tone. But over-exfoliation can be a big problem. 

How much should somebody exfoliate? Because going overboard comes with some pretty severe, painful consequences: “Over exfoliation may lead to redness, irritation, sensitivity, and flaking,” warns board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ryan Turner, of Turner Dermatology in NYC. 

There is no one answer-fits-all.

But maybe we can nudge you in the right direction….

There are two types of exfoliators: chemical and mechanical.

Chemical peels gently dissolve dead skin cells while also accelerating cellular turnover in the skin.

Mechanical peels buff away dead skin cells, only to encourage the healthier, brighter ones to surface. This keeps skin smooth and also plays a part in preventing pore clogging. Exfoliating scrubs are also a terrific way to remove dead skin cells prior to a shave, to prevent razor drag and ingrown hairs. 

Excessive exfoliation will result in redness lasting for days, combined with sensitivity and a burning sensation.

If you made this mistake you should discontinue using the offending product. Use a calming, soothing moisturizer and a good nourishing night cream.

In order to avoid such mishaps, try the exfoliator on the inside of your wrist. If it feels fine go ahead and use it on your face, but do not overdo it or you’ll end up with sensitized, red skin.

Both chemical and mechanical peels come with instructions and tell you how many times per week it is safe to use them. Frequency of use varies with skin type.

Avoid peels while using products containing Retinol.

Chemical Peels we recommend: France Laure Enzymatic Fruit Exfoliant

Glysalac Dermobooster by Sothys

Mechanical peels we recommend: Desquacream by Sothys

Microgel Peeling by Sothys

Ger-Peel by Gernetic

If your skin is irritated consider replacing the product if you think its formula is to blame—but not if your excessive use is the actual culprit.

Try again once the skin has healed, but this time test the product first .

Products that help heal over-exfoliated skin:

Synchro Cream by Gernetic

CALM High Tolerance Serum by France Laure

Soothing SOS Serum by Sothys

Caring for Your Skin During Covid

Our skin needs special care while we cope with Covid-19 restrictions.
One of the first consequences of mask wearing is dehydration. Both dry and oily skin suffer from it and sensitive skin becomes even more sensitive when dehydrated.
We advise setting aside scrubs and aggressive exfoliators, instead turn to gentle cleansers and toners.
To treat dehydration we suggest using serums and deep moisturizers, as well as moisturizing cream masks.
You can choose from SERUMS such as:
Cells Life Serum by Gernetic with hyaluronic acid, known for plumping up wrinkles in a very short time.
Sothys Hydrating Serum powerful and effective in providing a moisture boost, this lightweight serum sinks right into the skin upon application and immediately we can see the appearance of fine lines dissipate.
Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum by Peter Thomas Roth Intense 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex helps keep skin hydrated and can attract and retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the atmosphere.
MOISTURIZING CREAMS can be applied on top of the serum for better results.
Here are some moisturizers you can use on a daily basis:
Synchro2000 by Gernetic is more than a moisture cream; it protects and regenerates, suitable for all skins.
Hydra 3Ha Youth Cream by Sothys is suitable for normal/combination skin. There is a Comfort version suitable for dry skin.
Water Drench Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Hyaluronic Cloud Moisturizer by Peter Thomas Roth – Non-greasy, cream-to-water invisible broad spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen has a 30% complex of Hyaluronic Acid, a potent hydrator that draws in water.
Last, but not least, CREM MASKS can be used as a 5 day cure if needed or applied once a week for deep moisturizing effects. We suggest:
Hydrager by Gernetic is a soft mask, designed to nourish, hydrate and maintain epidermis hydration.
Hydra-Smoothing Mask by Sothys creamy mask instantly envelops the skin with comfort and softness immediately upon application. Suits all dehydrated skin.
Water Drench Hyaluronic Micro-Bubbling Cloud Mask by Peter Thomas Roth drenches your skin with a continuous burst of pure hydration and oxygen from the atmosphere.
Skin is left softer, smoother, healthier and more youthful-looking.

In trying times such as these, we must give our skin the extra care it needs
to increase its resilience and softness.

What Are Peptides?

You’ve likely heard the buzz around peptides as an anti-aging must-have and hero ingredient to smooth, repair and hydrate skin, but have you ever wondered what a peptide is and what it does for the skin, exactly? More important, is having it as one of the key ingredients in your skin care products worth the hefty price tag? The short answer, according to two prominent dermatologists, is yes.
Elastin and collagen are fibers in our skin. These fibers are made up of proteins, the building blocks of our skin and add to tissue firmness and elasticity.
Simply put: peptides are amino-acids that make up proteins, which make up collagen and elastin fibres, which give the skin its suppleness and strength.
Without these proteins, we will see wrinkles, brittle nails and dry hair that’s prone to breakage.
“We need peptides at all times. If we are deficient in them, our body cannot function,” says Dr. Robinson. “Peptides have a myriad of uses in the body, from being the building blocks for enzymes, hormones and an energy source.”

The Many Wonders of Vitamin C

We all know about the general health benefits of vitamin C, but it’s not only great in our diet, but also in our skin care products. No wonder, since science tells us this wonder vitamin contains powerful anti-oxidants able to regenerate the skin.

Vitamin C promotes increased production of collagen, improving our skin’s quality and texture.  In addition, vitamin C inhibits production of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is responsible for “converting tyrosine into melanin, thus preventing hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City notes that Vitamin C not only helps repair free radical damage, but it brightens the skin and helps fade dark spots, [too],” On top of that, it can improve skin firmness “which may help prevent fine lines,” she notes.

The best part is, that unlike some other buzzworthy skin care ingredients, it doesn’t come with a long list of precautions. “Vitamin C is generally safe, gentle and effective when used in skin care,” notes Dr. Jaliman.

Some Must-Try Vitamin C Products on our website:

Potent-C Power Serum by Peter Thomas Roth

Potent-C Power Eye Cream by Peter Thomas Roth

Potent-C Targeted Spot Brightener by Peter Thomas Roth