Choosing The Right Skin Care at Every Age

Last week I visited a friend and had to use her bathroom. Not that I am nosy, or anything, but her skin care products were out there on the counter for all to see.

So I took a look and for a minute I thought she intends to open a store, there were that many bottles and jars in little rows. Being an aesthetician and a friend, I felt I can ask her why she had so many skin care items, without her taking offence.

She said she uses them all, not regularly, but as the fancy takes her. She does not have a real “fave”, just buys what she feels the latest “trend” is. I have to admit she does use some of the products I carry, but not exclusively. Her main source of ideas are magazine ads and TV commercials.

She is not alone in doing this and I find it hilarious that she constantly has complaints about her skin. The problem is not the products themselves, as much as the fact that many of them are not for her skin type and age.

We need to tailor our skin care to our individual skin and age. I’ve put together a little chart to outline basic skin care needs according to age. I hope it clears some of the confusion many people have on what is needed and what is just a nice extra.

To really personalize this chart to your individual age and skin, please do not hesitate to contact me at : and I’ll be delighted to assist you in making educated choices.

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