10 Reasons You Need Moisturizers

After cleansing, moisturizing is THE most important weapon we use to keep our skin looking good. And here are 10 reasons why you need moisturizers, regardless of skin type:

1. Moisturizing daily will get rid of the fine lines that look like a spider left its web on your skin. That is dehydration, lack of water. Moisturizing diligently will eliminate those pesky fine lines.

2. Maintain a healthy, dewy glow. It is not makeup, but diligent moisturizing that will give you the glow that shows once the war paint is off.

3. Start moisturizing while you’re in your late teens and you’ll delay the appearance of crows’ feet at the eye corners. Very aging!

4. Foundation and powder look much better when applied on a well moisturized skin.

5. You will use much less foundation, because the well moisturized skin lets foundation stay on top of the skin, so you use much less and look more natural.

6. Well moisturized oily skin will avoid dehydration and the flakiness that goes with it.

7. Well moisturized skin stands up better to environmental aggressors, such as wind, therefore no chafing.

8. Well moisturized skin looks smooth, with normal pores, not too large and unsightly.

9. Well moisturized oily skin will produce less oil. Oily skin produces more oil in self defence against dehydration.

10. Using a moisturizer with SPF is great sun protection.

So here you have it : 10 reasons to use a moisturizer daily.

Which one applies to you?

by Nadia Danay