Dr.Payot Solutions

Dr.Payot Solutions address special cases such as : skin protection in extreme cold, calming irritated skin, reducing acne eruptions, speeding skin repair.

Most of the Dr.Payot Solutions have become cult products over the years, a staple in the medicine cabinet of many families.


Pate Grise - Grey Paste
USD $39.50

Spot Treatment 

Lotion Speciale 5 - Clearing Lotion no paraben
USD $36.50

Drying, Purifying Gel 

Stick Couvrant Purifiant - Purifying Concealer
USD $24.00

Purifying Concealer 

Creme #2
USD $51.00

Anti-Irritation, Anti-Redness 

Cica Expert - Speedy Skin Repair
USD $41.50

Speedy Recovery 

Liss Filler - Wrinkle Filler Primer
USD $59.00

Wrinkle Filler 

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