Allpresan Foot Care Canada

In 1998 foam cream pioneer Fritz Neubourg fundamentally revolutionized foot care for all skin types including diabetics and in 1999 dermatological studies led to a specific active formula for the skin of diabetics, and thus the Allpresan® patented brand was launched.

Allpresan Cracked Skin foam is one of the most sought after as it penetrates fast and leaves no film.

With the innovation of foam-creams by Neubourg Skin Care, they have set in motion a profound rethinking of the care and treatment of medical and cosmetic skin problems. Thanks to its unique patented formula they absorb into the skin faster than conventional creams and ointments and can be evenly distributed without friction while providing superior moisturizing benefits.

Dry skin in diabetics can lead to foot complications such as diabetic ulcer. Neubourg works closely with healthcare professionals who have a special interest in diabetic foot syndrome, including diabetologists, podiatrists, dermatologists, general practitioners and nurses. Prophylactic use of Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream at the earliest stages of dry skin on the feet is vital to prevent further damage and through patented technology offers significant patient benefits.

Allpresan Pro Foot Care covers the whole spectrum of foot care problems and offers solutions for all.

Please take a minute to read these testimonials accompanied by pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words..

Allpresan PRO Cracked Skin Cream 100ml
USD $28.00
Notably more moisture for the feet

Allpresan Foam Dry Rough Skin Mousse 125ml
USD $21.50 USD $19.35
Protects feet from dryness - for very dry feet.

Allpresan PRO for Cracked Skin
USD $12.00
Care and protection for very dry, chapped and cracked heels.

Allpresan Sweaty Feet Mousse 125ml
USD $21.50
Perceptively reduces foot perspiration.

Allpresan PRO Footcare Foam (anti-fungal) 125ml
USD $28.00
Care of very dry skin that is prone to fungal infection.

Allpresan Anti-Fungal Nail Tincture #7 50ml
USD $26.00
Care and protection for nails prone to fungus

Allpresan PRO Foot Deodorant Spray  100ml
USD $20.00
Refreshing foot deodorant

Allpresan  PRO Shoe Deodorant 100ML
USD $20.00
Eliminates unpleasant footwear odours

Allpresan Pro Foot Care is THE comprehensive foot care program. Whether your feet are dry feet, very dry feet, have cracked heels, foot odor or you simply want to pamper your feet with pedicure products, Allpresan Pro Foot Care has got something for your feet. All foot care products are professional foot products and have been successfully used in cosmetic and medical foot care for many years.

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