Adult Acne Products & Treatment

Adult acne is quite different from juvenile acne, both in causes and treatment.
Juvenile acne will appear on oily skin and in many cases is treated with topical products containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and other agents which are too harsh and potentially irritating to adult skin.
The causes of adult acne can range from stress to medications, to hormonal inbalance. Hormonal inbalance may be triggered by pregnancy, menopause or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) use.
Unlike juvenile acne, adult acne can appear on normal skin, combination skin and even dry skin.
Medical treatments for adult acne are, unfortunately, almost identical to those for juvenile acne. They include:
– Long-term use of antibiotics. This will weaken the body’s immune response and, by destroying the intestinal flora, will open the door to yeast-type infections.(candida)
– Topical applications of benzoyl peroxide will, depending on strength and frequency, produce free radicals and cause premature aging, just like excessive sun exposure.
– Accutane is a very effective medication in severe cases, but it can cause birth defects and has other serious side effects such as liver damage.
– Glycolic acid products are very useful adult acne products, provided they are used in conjunction with a nourishing cream.
– Topical retinoic acid (vit.A) can be very irritating to adult skin.
– Birth control pill is useful in cases of hormonal inbalance with excess androgens. A visible sign of this would be excess facial hair, hair loss or thinning hair.
With the exception of the birth control pill, all the above adult acne products are sometimes irritating to the skin and will leave adult skin with lifelong sensitivity.
At the European Touch we have alternative adult acne products that offer a gentler solution to heal, nourish and regenerate without any negative side effects.
The adult acne products are made by Gernetic France and are very easy to use:
1. Glyco Milk & Fibro Lotion used am & pm
2. Synchro (or Synchro2000) + Immuno mixed in equal parts am & pm (use very small amounts)
In case of hormonal acne you will, of course, use prescription birth control pills as well as the skin care regime.
Last, but not least we suggest you take a good multivitamin, a tablespoon of milk thistle per day and drink lots of water.
Adult acne is not an insoluble problem and many of our happy clients are living proof of it.
At The European Touch we are commited to your success in treating adult acne. Follow our advice and you will solve the adult acne problem in no time.
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by Nadia Danay