Adult Acne & Its Treatment

    Adult acne is quite different from juvenile acne, both         in causes and treatment.

    Adult acne can be caused by:- stress,  medication, hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance may be triggered by pregnancy, menopause or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) use.

    Adult acne can appear on normal skin, combination skin and even dry skin.

Medical treatments for adult acne include:

                  – Long-term use of antibiotics.
                  – Topical applications of benzoyl peroxide.
                  – Accutane
                  – Topical retinoic acid (vit.A)- irritating.
                   – Birth control pill is useful in cases of hormonal imbalance with excess androgens.A visible sign of this problem would be excess facial hair, hair loss or thinning hair.

    With the exception of the birth control pill and antibiotics, all the above forms of treatment are irritating to the skin and may leave adult skin with lifelong sensitivity.

At the European Touch we have alternative tools that offer a more natural solution to heal, nourish and regenerate the adult acneic skin without any negative side effects.

Adult acne is not an insoluble problem and our pictures prove it.

The regime used by the clients in the photos above is simple:

1. Glyco Milk + Fibro Lotion A.M & P.M.                    

                        2. Synchro Immuno mixed in equal amounts A.M. & P.M.

If you find Synchro a little too heavy you can substitute Synchro2000for the same effect.

In addition to facial products, GERnetic bust treatment products are very beneficial because they balance hormonal activity and reduce the occurence of adult acne.

                           Seino Lotion 

                          Macro 2000 cream   

                           Endo serum

Please remember to use small amounts, as GERnetic products are highly concentrated and there is no need to use large amounts in order to get the desired effect.

At The European Touch we are commited to your success in treating adult acne. Follow our advice and you will solve adult acne problem in no time. We are available for FREE private consultation over the phone or via email, so feel free to contact us.

Adult Acne & Its Treatment
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Adult Acne & Its Treatment
Causes and treatment of adult acne.