2 Steps for Dealing with Aging Skin




Expert Marian Northington M.D. director of UAB Cosmetic Dermatology said recently : “Daily incidental sun exposures add up and result in wrinkles, sunspots and potential cancerous lesions”.

She went on to add that : “The number 1 way to prevent photoaging is wearing a 30-plus sunscreen, every day”.

For those of us who already exhibit signs of skin aging, the advice is to use Retinol ( a derivative of Vitamin A) based products, which improve skin pigmentation and cause the increase of collagen production to help with fine  lines and wrinkles.

We recommend GERnetic Melano 4 or 5 for sun protection. Easy to apply  Melano 4 is non-oily and works well as a makeup base.

Retinol Fusion PM by Peter Thomas Roth is our Retinol choice for night use. For a power packed Retinol duo, layer under Un-Wrinkle Night!

To summarize : Sunscreen and Retinol daily.

Not too hard, is it?

by Nadia Danay